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Butler binary?

A topic by Levi D. Smith created Mar 04, 2017 Views: 290 Replies: 2
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I noticed the note about trying Butler next to the upload button for my game. I clicked the link to give it a try, but it just took me to a GitHub repository. I looked around and couldn't find any builds.

Do I have to compile Butler myself? I know very little about Go and I really didn't want to have to learn how to compile it myself. Does it just run through an interpreter like Ruby or Python? The README and doc links just seem to send me in an infinite loop.


Hello, the butler docs have a install page with direct links to binaries. Here's the link:

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Thanks!  I also found where it is installed with the Itch app.

I used it tonight to push a Windows build of one of my games, and it seemed to work great.  I'm happy that I don't have to make ZIP files to upload anymore. :D