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A Short Hike

a little exploration game about hiking up a mountain · By adamgryu

How long is the game?

A topic by Depressed Pillow created Jan 06, 2020 Views: 1,354 Replies: 5
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Heyo! I really want to get this game because most of the posts say its good and the images of it look amazing, but I was just wondering how long the game is? Sorry if it says it anywhere and I'm just dumb but I've gotten a few games that have costed quite a bit more than this one that barely lasted an hour and want to make sure I'm getting money's worth. The game looks amazing and I'm eager to play it

Sincerely, me

Side note, I'm assuming it's pretty long just because there are multiple paths to take and treasures to find but I wanna make sure. 

It's not long (an hour or two perhaps) but definitely worth your money! I finished it in one sitting last night and I'm still thinking about it today at work wishing i was hiking around that mountain. I think I'll go play there some more tonight.

thanks! i ended up downloading the game anyways, totally agree. theres a lot more content than I thought there'd be, definitely worth the money.

You can finish the "main quest" pretty quickly, but there's so much to explore and do that you have hours and hours of fun and farting around. Once you can fly, it's so cool to just cruise around the skies with no aim in mind but to take in the sights....

It took me about an hour to finish the game, I didn't do a couple of side quests though. Lovely main story. Here's my gameplay if anyone's interested