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You've got some fun games! I tossed you some bucks in return for the puzzling times.

I'm just opening it by double-clicking the PDF, and then clicking the Print icon. Thanks for looking into this. I've finished reading it—lots of cool ideas there, including the new crew!

I am reading this PDF on macos High Sierra using, and there are several blank pages and missing page titles. Google docs displays these items correctly (the blank pages are full-page images), but if I try to print the PDF from Google docs, the same things are blank in the preview render. Maybe you can tweak the PDF so it displays/prints correctly in these situations?

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There's a file gameguide.png listed, but no link or button to download it.... I've managed to get all the CGs except #11. That one looks to be on the "steal the diamond" path but I've done all of those.

Ok this time the phone rang and I was able to go out the door, thank you.

Tell me about it. I used to work for Apple (a long time ago), and I'm on the verge of abandoning them altogether for all the files and apps I can't open any more....

No the phone did not ring. Thanks for the tip, I will see if I can click on it after I redo the scene.

Okay that worked. I don't know why I had to do that though.

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Can't get out of my apartment, after talking to the turtle girl. I think I've clicked on everything, including the weird movie screen that comes down. I quit the game and relaunched it, and now I am back on the couch with the door knocking.....

When I open Guppy on my macbook pro (High Sierra), it just opens a litle window that says "Unable to find game!!:" and it has an OK button and that's all.

I would like to know this too.

Couldn't actually interact with most things. Couldn't see many things to read them. Linear game on a timed script that pestered me to hurry or didn't respond to my clicks until the script allowed it. Quit after a few minutes.

I haven't had much luck getting a real boost on the two big thermals. Claire sails right through them before they can lift her very high. Is there some trick I'm missing?

I just got the update with the boating and wow, I didn't think this game could get any more fun. I love that you keep adding little "expansions" to keep us coming back to the island. I think I have found all the new things, but I still haven't talked with the boatman about all the books he's reading.

You can come back any time and do the tasks. They are worth doing! Very fun little challenges.

There are places even high up where the fog isn't too thick, but even so, distant objects will always be hazy and indistinct.

(And  case you were wondering, you press space to zoom the binoculars. I'd forgotten and was so surprised when I accidentally rediscovered it, I figured I would point that out.)

Totally! I cut my teeth on World of Warcraft, where I really spent most of my time just wandering around. As soon as I got my felsteed I toured the entire world even though I was only level 40, just to see what was out there. I've tried a number of games since but nothing brought back that feeling of open exploration. ASH does it so much better by not having dragons and demons chasing after me. :-D

I agree. This game is a wonderful little world to just hang out and chill in. Very relaxing.

You can finish the "main quest" pretty quickly, but there's so much to explore and do that you have hours and hours of fun and farting around. Once you can fly, it's so cool to just cruise around the skies with no aim in mind but to take in the sights....

FYI, I had previously gotten all of the golden feathers, and when I finished the boat ride, I got another! So now I have 21 feathers. Maybe that's a bug? In any case, I have 21 feathers now. :-)

I just came here to report the problem myself, and here we are! I already found the other chest that had closed, so I guess everything's square. :-D

You can find the tiny island! Go to the boat, and swim northeast, it's just around there.

Wow, I can't imagine missing the lighthouse, but it's definitely possible to reach the peak without doing all the other stuff. Having no way to point the camera is also a factor in missing things.

Did you find the tiny island with the gal selling sun hats? (I'm guessing you found the not-quite-tiny island with the smaller peak.)

> A Short Hike is incredible because the player's intrinsic  motivations line up so perfectly with the Claire's 

This right here. I hated Firewatch because my motivations didn't line up AT ALL with Henry's, and I stopped playing Night In The Woods because I couldn't relate at all to being Mae. Especially, in both cases, because backstory I had no say in, no interest in, and no sympathy with, kept getting revealed. Here in A Short Hike, there was none of that crap, so I could just do my thing.

Yes if you select the gold medal in your inventory you can inspect it, and you get the option to take it apart. You wind up with a coin for your efforts, and possibly make Avery sad.

I will keep mum about the baseball cap!

Yeah, he says the game "took players on one hell of a ride",  and that's how I felt as a player—taken for a ride, as in the colloquial expression. I definitely didn't feel any emotional connection with Henry; in fact I resented being told who I was and basically having all the "choices" be slight alternatives on the railroaded path to that ending. The ending was the least of my problems with the game, although watching this video reminds me how, visually, they knocked it out of the park...which made the story and ending  all the more frustrating.

I similarly quit playing Night In The Woods because I was dropped into the shoes of an unlikable person with a past everybody but me knew.

Still, it seems there are people who like such games; more power to 'em.

It's working for me just fine. I'm on High Sierra though. (The last decent macos update.)

You have to wait for the fish to bite hard. Not the "tick tick tick" but the "bloooOOORP!" Then you have to press the action key repeatedly and very fast, in my experience. I have never lost a fish doing that.

I loved the soundtrack so much I bought it. There's about a dozen tracks in that from the game itself (plus extras). Check the game's main info page for a link to buy the soundtrack.

Agreed. It's the first game I played from the Racial Justice Bundle and now all of the others look shabby by comparison. :-D <3

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I never got a photo, no. But I did get a baseball cap! And a gold medal, which I destroyed (so sad). And if you get all the fish, yes, you get a golden fishing pole. Not that you need one once you've got all the fish, but it's still sparkly!

^ Yep, that!

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I am using Firefox on macos. I used Firefox's zoom command to make the game smaller and that showed everything, and made the overlay buttons not overlap the game any more so I could play without those hindrances.

I've done a couple runs now. It's pretty tough but I am figuring things out. It's very easy to run out of oil and have no way to restore sanity. I managed to get several levels in—past the one with 9 oil and 3 hearts. I didn't actually need the hearts but since there's no way to go back, I took them. I keep getting killed by the blue flames because they move in real time instead of on turns, and by the time I move my hand from the arrow keys to the trackpad it's too late. It seems I run out of both oil and sanity so that's moot anyhow, I've no resources to fight the blue flame.

I noted that the vampires just disappear on being struck. There is no animation or sound to indicate they've been killed. The ghosts do hiss when they die so that's good. I was surprised the ghosts don't go through walls. Kind of like the old arcade game Gauntlet. :-)

It took me a while to figure out that if I press space, the enemies will move to a square I can attack them in. I had the impression on early runs that I was getting attacked on diagonals but that turned out not to be true.

I decided early on that throwing the lamp to attack is a bad idea. In a comment below it looks like throwing the lantern can take out multiple enemies? I might try that on another run, if they are lined up, but so far I have been able to position myself so they just line up and come at me in a queue like polite British moviegoers.

Had trouble playing. This game assumes a very tall monitor—I couldn't see the health, oil, and sanity meters because they were off the bottom of the screen, and scrolling to find them is a pain. They could have been much smaller Also, the game is laid out on the page with's buttons on the upper-right overlapping, making it impossible to click anything under tham. In this case, scrolling was no help and I was just screwed. Only having left/right/up/down movement was frustrating. There's a good basic idea here, but it needs a lot more development.

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"Weary" means tired! I think you mean to be "aware". (You may have been thinking of "wary", but that word is generally used for dangers, not resources.)

On to playing!

Yay, thanks!

Hey folks - once you've finished the game, you might like to learn how it was made! I found this talk as enjoyable as playing the game.

Don't watch before you've played the game, of course, it's full of spoilers.

A Short Hike community · Created a new topic Soundtrack?

Do you have plans to make the soundtrack available? I'd love to have the music from this game for any time!