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Depressed Pillow

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Hey, I'm on a MacBook (IOS 11.1) and it's not letting me download the game, saying that it's not a valid download file. Does anyone have a solution, or do I just have to wait until the game is updated to be compatible with the new IOS?

thanks! i ended up downloading the game anyways, totally agree. theres a lot more content than I thought there'd be, definitely worth the money.

it'd be cool if he could interact with the selection bubbles u can make and get trapped or somethin

What do you mean then? What does the message say when you try to open the game?

im about to download and all the comments tell me this game's gonna fuck me up

When I heard Ham and Fax I immediately said yes. Sam and Max are too nostalgic to say no to..

Sad I can't play this because my computer said it needed to be updated but all the pictures look good and the creature looks terrifying. Great game from the looks of it.

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i've clicked on everything in the folders and nothing happens

I'm just gonna be posting my progressions through the game in the replies here, so far the story's really interesting!  When I first saw Bernard I laughed so hard because I was expecting a lion or something and I look and he's a fREAKING BLOBFISH AHAHAHAH 

this is gonna sound stupid but i

dont know how to download it

i downloaded it but its all just the game files and idk aaa

I've reloaded the game a few times, nothing changes.

Uhhh whenever I click new game it just makes like the sound of a page turning in a book and nothing happens

What is this post

L1K He was responding to Otis, who started the entire thread on not knowing how to break objects.

What do you not know how to open?
If you've already downloaded the game you should be able to search for the file in finder and find it pretty easily, but for the download you should just have to click it and it will start downloading.

I don't really know what I just read but if you're asking for multiplayer on the itch version it's not happening, they stopped development here and it's moved to steam. Sorry.

Oh you have to go to settings then into 'Security and Privacy.' There should be a notice there where you can choose to override the warning and play anyways. Hope this helps!

Side note, I'm assuming it's pretty long just because there are multiple paths to take and treasures to find but I wanna make sure. 

Heyo! I really want to get this game because most of the posts say its good and the images of it look amazing, but I was just wondering how long the game is? Sorry if it says it anywhere and I'm just dumb but I've gotten a few games that have costed quite a bit more than this one that barely lasted an hour and want to make sure I'm getting money's worth. The game looks amazing and I'm eager to play it

Sincerely, me

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It's fun, the jokes made me chuckle, but really its a disappointment compared to the last one. Everything just happens by itself and no real gameplay is really involved, its just walking back and forth. I like the notebook addition, and I'd like to see it in the next one, but the last game was just better in my opinion. As soon as I saw the glasses I already knew what was going to happen, it was pretty obvious.  Hoping the third game has some better gameplay, but the characters are cute. 

Oh thanks!

this was a little less scary when i opened the folder and saw this

this game is really fun! slow at times though maybe thats just because im starting out
one suggestion/request i have is that when you follow a bee the camera doesnt shake along with them? makes it kind of hard to focus on the bee

im on the 'work on a project' bit and i cant get past it, i think i set it up right but it won't let me move to the next scene. did i do something wrong?

Decided to redownload it and play, and the bug was fixed. Played through and OH MY GOD I LOVE THIS GAME

The witty humor combined with the small changes is so awesome, and not only that the ending is amazing. Good work on this!

I looove this game, I know I already commented before but I had a theory about the caretakers!


So, what if all the caretakers are like Mother under their outer casing? They're all made of some gooey gross organic meat, but Mother is the only one falling apart and letting it show. Just a quick thought I had while replaying the game recently.

I really wanna see more of the memelord in sandals herself's story. That bit where she's alone in the gym makes me wonder about what else she does and what her story is.

WELL I THINK I BROKE IT OR I'M STUPID- I can't interact with anything

Wow! I love this! When I got the 'everyone lived' ending, I was super happy! I haven't gotten all the endings yet but I'm getting closer!

Basically, after the lights went out when i walked into the wall behind me I fell out of it. Same problem happens if you walk into the elevator before the power goes out and you haven't thrown away the trash.

WOW I LOVE THIS! Was scared the entire time! One problem, when I went downstairs to the garbage room, I walked into the wall and well, fell out of the world.

My GOD this game was AMAZING! I was sad when it ended, and if you guys made a version that lasted 60 years I'd play it to the END! I totally relate to Min and legit feel like a little murder puppy, lol.

I'm kinda surprised this is a demo, lol, it's already amazing, the full game I'm sure will be nothing less!

Hi! I have a little tiny bug, and it's so minor I didn't even notice it until my third or fourth playthrough. But I noticed that a ' when father is talking didn't show up, I took a screenshot.

ooHHH MY GOD I LOVE THIS This is honestly the best and most detailed, and deep and amazing graphic novel I have ever played and it's in BETA!?!? I can't WAIT to see this completed, and the character designs are so creative. Im also super excited to see if we get to see what mother used to look like, and father, i'm just so AACCJCCC

Probably the only glitch i encountered was that when Aunt came into the room at lunch the texture glitched a tiny bit

best game i have ever played

oh shoot wrong photo

oh really!?!??!??!?!?1

even if it only had 1 level it'd still be an amazing game just because of how funny it is

im so funny