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Problems with downloading it

A topic by Donald Dump created Jan 06, 2017 Views: 830 Replies: 5
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After I start the download, it stops downloading and creates the incomplete file and if I try to open it, it says "No such file or directory". Maybe it's windstream's fault (They are the cause of every bad thing in my house). I am on a mac. The farthest the download has gotten is about 23 megabytes.

This is a common occurance, try turning off your Firewall / any AntiVirus Protection you have temporarily and it should download the game fine.

Please try using another browser to download the game. Thank you.

Thank you. That works.

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Can you help me? I dont know how  to open it. I'm also on mac

What do you not know how to open?
If you've already downloaded the game you should be able to search for the file in finder and find it pretty easily, but for the download you should just have to click it and it will start downloading.