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Donald Dump

A member registered Jan 06, 2017

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Raft community · Created a new topic Keybindings

I accidentally changed "right click" to shift, and I can't change it back. I tried to delete it and reinstall it, but it won't instal again. The only way I see to change it back is to hard reset my computer. But I am not doing that. Also, my computer is fan cooled, and I sometimes think its going to explode or melt and it drains my battery at a ridiculous pace.

Thank you. That works.

After I start the download, it stops downloading and creates the incomplete file and if I try to open it, it says "No such file or directory". Maybe it's windstream's fault (They are the cause of every bad thing in my house). I am on a mac. The farthest the download has gotten is about 23 megabytes.