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ooHHH MY GOD I LOVE THIS This is honestly the best and most detailed, and deep and amazing graphic novel I have ever played and it's in BETA!?!? I can't WAIT to see this completed, and the character designs are so creative. Im also super excited to see if we get to see what mother used to look like, and father, i'm just so AACCJCCC

Probably the only glitch i encountered was that when Aunt came into the room at lunch the texture glitched a tiny bit

Thank you so much for your lovely compliments.

The game is hopefully going to be bigger and better once finalized.

A lot of backgrounds and music are placeholders and the art will get more detailed as it exits it's Beta.

I was hoping no one would notice the little visual glitch with Aunite. It is an issue with how the code layer sprites that I am still resolving but hopefully it will not be in the final version.

Also yes there are sprites for an uncorrupted Mother and functional Father for flashback scenes.
I will try my best to live up to your expectations.