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This game is so freakishly disturbing. At first I was surprised with the lack of music, but it actually made the game so much better. Cute animal characters, "innocent" storyline and... the silence. And the sounds coming from this one particular house. Gave me chills. Some people mentioned crashing but it worked well for me, no troubles whatsoever.  I already got the sequel to this one. And here's my gameplay :

Even though I don't normally play horror games, this one was really fun! The idea of a demonic baby and exorcisms is brilliant! Is the first version, original, straight from the jam still available somewhere? I'm pretty curious how the first version made in 48 hours looked like. 
And since it looks to be popular here, I recorded a gameplay of my own. Nearly had a heart attack. 

Such a haunting game. Even though it's been a long time since I played it, I still randomly think of it, as the storyline resonates with me on a personal level. Main character comes back to their hometown, visits a grave of an old friend and starts to reminisce. Seems like a banal idea for a story, yet there is something so emotional and so touching it's hard to forget. Overwhelming feeling of guilt, and the urge to deny the neglect is shown in such a  simple form - game mechanics, graphics and spare style of writing. 

I absolutely love the sense of humor in this one. Sure, there are point and click puzzles, sure there is the intrigue, the crime, the mystery. BUT THE HUMOR THOUGH. All these flavourful, juicy comments, comebacks, the song (truly, masterpiece), the absurd... The way mafia behaves and talks, the whole idea for the scheme is just brilliant. How often do you play a game about mayonnaise theft? I'm waiting to see more games with this tone in the future. 
For anyone wondering, the game can take about 2-3 hours to finish

The first thing that came to my mind is the so-called "sonder" - the realization that each passerby is a unique and complex human being on their own, with their own worries, backstory, hopes, dreams and fears. We start off looking through our own window, and what do we see? Almost nothing. But even if we do not see something or someone at a first glance, it doesn't mean they are not there. 

Very intimate portrait of human's psyche and their worries. 

I have mixed feelings about the game. To some extent, I absolutely loved it but I also felt somehow tired of the length of the game, the waiting, the fact that nothing was happening. Am I too anxious and impatient or was it a part of intended experience? After all - you are stuck on the edge of the cliff - aren't you supposed to feel the urge for all of this to stop? At some point I really just wanted to either die or be saved already. Whether it was intended by the creator or not, the emotions it stirred up, actually made me reflect on my life and attitude towards it. 

I've never played horror games because I'm too jumpy and nervous. Many people recommended me this one for its amazing storyline and plot twists. I decided to give it a go. And now I'm scarred for life. I cannot sleep. I cannot eat. I'm seeing therapist. 

Good game, much scary 11/10

Game's great - it's original and provides many endings so you can replay it a couple of times. haven't played Male yet, but seducing the mantis turn out to be quite difficult, it looks like not everyone chooses sex over life. Weird, huh? 

Lovely game - the characters are simply awesome, the absurdity of it, well written jokes. Kudos to the people responsible for the narrative, I had a blast playing and reading dialogues. On the other hand, at some point I got a bit tired - some of the riddles were pretty unclear and I got stuck a few times, whilst I was running around back and forth to make sure I haven't missed anything. 

My let's play/walkthrough of the full game - I guess I got only one of the endings possible.

Great game! So absurd and so whimsical in its simplicity. Each character is so unique. Good one for the Halloween season. (spoiler let's play)

Amazing experience. The love story is told beautifully, and the art is just lovely. I played it a couple of times just to see all of the endings, but here's the first gameplay, if you're not afraid of spoilers :  

It took me about an hour to finish the game, I didn't do a couple of side quests though. Lovely main story. Here's my gameplay if anyone's interested

Death and Taxes community · Created a new topic Good game!

I played a demo before getting the full game on , really enjoyable, though I believe that some of choices might have been questionable.  I might have to replay it a few times and make different choices. Here's my let's play if anyone's interested in a preview.