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Issue running trial on Parallels/Win10

A topic by dandelany created Dec 19, 2019 Views: 62 Replies: 3
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Hi! I love the idea of PixelCNC & I'd like to try it & possibly buy it... However, my Windows PC is currently on the fritz with hardware problems. I have Parallels (& Windows 10) on my Macbook, but I can't seem to get it to run the latest PixelCNC trial (v.1.39a 64-bit).

I unzipped the folder to C:\pixelcnc so the full path of the exe is C:\pixelcnc\PixelCNC (64-bit)\PixelCNC Trial.exe. When I try to run it, a PixelCNC window opens and is white for a few seconds, then becomes entirely black with no error messages. I got the "this is alpha software" message on first open, and the "thanks for trying PixelCNC" message when I quit, but can't seem to make anything other than a black screen appear in the main program window. I have also tried to run by right clicking the exe > "Run as administrator" but no luck.

Any ideas for things I could try or are there any error logs I could send? I'm mostly a Mac person so it would be great to get this working as I'm not sure when my PC will be back in commission... Thanks!



Hi Dan, it sounds like an OpenGL compatibility issue. If you can track down where your log files are (on a Windows machine it's c:\Users\[user]\AppData\Charles Van Noland\PixelCNC\) there should be some useful information in them. Typically though when people try to run PixelCNC via WINE on Linux they tend to have problems with OpenGL compatibility, so I would not be surprised if that were the case with other forms of emulated/virtualized Windows instances. PixelCNC makes extensive use of multithreading to leverage multicore CPUs, and employs threaded OpenGL functionality that is not typical for most programs out there - which only use it for drawing to the program window from a single thread. If you can find your log files on there they may contain some useful hints that can help us figure out a solution. Whatever we can do to maximize compatibility for the various setups people are running is always something worth investigating. For now though PixelCNC has only been tested to work on systems running Windows natively, from Windows 7 through Windows 10.

- Charlie

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Hi Charlie - no worries, thanks for the quick response. Here is the log file:

Hopefully that's helpful; looks like you were right about it being an OpenGL issue. I'll try to get my PC running soon so I can try PixelCNC natively.

[EDIT: I've just realized I'm running Parallels 14, docs seem to imply Parallels 15 has better OpenGL support. I'll try updating and let you know if it helps...]


Well, it does appear to be an impasse for the interim. I am not 100% sure but there's a possibility that if I go in and completely re-work a lot of stuff I could likely get it running on there properly. There's no guarantee it would work, and it's something I'd have to put off until I get a few more things hammered out but I'll give it a shot likely around spring time. It would be great if it ended up working out and everyone running Linux/Mac could also use PixelCNC without requiring a legitimate port to those platforms. I did make it a point to rely on as little windows-specific functionality as possible to help with the possibility of producing native ports to other platforms but everyone seems to already be pretty comfortable running Windows software via emulated/virtualized setups. I think there's a good chance I could improve the OpenGL compatibility and get it working on a setup like yours, it's just something I wont' be able to start hacking away on for a little while. I'll keep you in mind when I get around to it and give you a heads up once I've released the result of my efforts on that.

Thanks for your interest in PixelCNC! :)

- Charlie