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Well, it does appear to be an impasse for the interim. I am not 100% sure but there's a possibility that if I go in and completely re-work a lot of stuff I could likely get it running on there properly. There's no guarantee it would work, and it's something I'd have to put off until I get a few more things hammered out but I'll give it a shot likely around spring time. It would be great if it ended up working out and everyone running Linux/Mac could also use PixelCNC without requiring a legitimate port to those platforms. I did make it a point to rely on as little windows-specific functionality as possible to help with the possibility of producing native ports to other platforms but everyone seems to already be pretty comfortable running Windows software via emulated/virtualized setups. I think there's a good chance I could improve the OpenGL compatibility and get it working on a setup like yours, it's just something I wont' be able to start hacking away on for a little while. I'll keep you in mind when I get around to it and give you a heads up once I've released the result of my efforts on that.

Thanks for your interest in PixelCNC! :)

- Charlie