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Hi Charlie - no worries, thanks for the quick response. Here is the log file:

Hopefully that's helpful; looks like you were right about it being an OpenGL issue. I'll try to get my PC running soon so I can try PixelCNC natively.

[EDIT: I've just realized I'm running Parallels 14, docs seem to imply Parallels 15 has better OpenGL support. I'll try updating and let you know if it helps...]

Hi! I love the idea of PixelCNC & I'd like to try it & possibly buy it... However, my Windows PC is currently on the fritz with hardware problems. I have Parallels (& Windows 10) on my Macbook, but I can't seem to get it to run the latest PixelCNC trial (v.1.39a 64-bit).

I unzipped the folder to C:\pixelcnc so the full path of the exe is C:\pixelcnc\PixelCNC (64-bit)\PixelCNC Trial.exe. When I try to run it, a PixelCNC window opens and is white for a few seconds, then becomes entirely black with no error messages. I got the "this is alpha software" message on first open, and the "thanks for trying PixelCNC" message when I quit, but can't seem to make anything other than a black screen appear in the main program window. I have also tried to run by right clicking the exe > "Run as administrator" but no luck.

Any ideas for things I could try or are there any error logs I could send? I'm mostly a Mac person so it would be great to get this working as I'm not sure when my PC will be back in commission... Thanks!