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Hi Dan, it sounds like an OpenGL compatibility issue. If you can track down where your log files are (on a Windows machine it's c:\Users\[user]\AppData\Charles Van Noland\PixelCNC\) there should be some useful information in them. Typically though when people try to run PixelCNC via WINE on Linux they tend to have problems with OpenGL compatibility, so I would not be surprised if that were the case with other forms of emulated/virtualized Windows instances. PixelCNC makes extensive use of multithreading to leverage multicore CPUs, and employs threaded OpenGL functionality that is not typical for most programs out there - which only use it for drawing to the program window from a single thread. If you can find your log files on there they may contain some useful hints that can help us figure out a solution. Whatever we can do to maximize compatibility for the various setups people are running is always something worth investigating. For now though PixelCNC has only been tested to work on systems running Windows natively, from Windows 7 through Windows 10.

- Charlie