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A topic by gualt created Feb 18, 2017 Views: 222 Replies: 7
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Hey everyone, i hope your games are coming along well ;)

Mine is in process and i was thinking about what name to give it, i'm thinking something on the lines of "Bomb Repulsion" or "Planet Wars" (yes my game is in space and has bombs, so original xD) but i'm not sure yet, do you have a name already? would you like to share it with the rest of the group? After all this is a competition but also a Jam and the most fun about jams is seeing what the others are doing, so i'll start with one of my bombs ;) Looks pretty angry, right?


Have fun and good luck ;)

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Good to see someone else active on the discussion boards! Game jams are all about networking with other jammers!

I have no idea what to call mine, I will be posting some dev blog/posts soon though :) Mine is a multiplayer arena game which takes large influence from the first Geometry Wars game mixed with Asteroids. I am a big fan of the neon line art style. I guess I should come up with a name soon though! Sadly my art skills are lacking so I don;t have any icons quite the elaborate.

Would be great to see some more of the work later on though!

Good luck.


Hey, I've seen your other post and it got me worried since I'm also inspired by Geometry Wars... But I'm sure they'll be different in the end, at least i hope so... As you can see i'm going for a more cartoony style but not really sure yet, my problem is that i grew too attached to the placeholder graphics and now it's really hard to change them with something more elaborate...

I'll also try to post some more images or other stuff about my game, good luck ;)

For the sanity of our judging team, I'm really glad we're not going to get 30 games titled 'Rising Star' :)

My game is currently referred to ingame as <game name>, so hopefully I nail that down at some point soon, probably gonna go for something like "Capsule of Vengeance" or "The Bitter Pill" as a reference to the player's mesh.

Game is currently in a pretty sorry state:

Also messed up timing so I'm actually busy this entire weekend (though I'll probably be making notes for when I'm back), so I'll probably be working up till the deadline :P

Worst case I'll just enter next year, and this is good experience!

My game is currently called "Magnetise".

It's a physics based puzzle game, which revolves around magnets.

It doesn't look amazing, but i'm liking the game play.

Only thing i'm struggling with at the moment is level design, have around 13 levels done, but i feel like there could be more

I am in the same situation as Alphie275 at this point, a few days left and I have done close to no work on my project :/ I am the secretary of the Games Development Society at DMU which means I plan and run events, one of which was a game jam that I just got back from which was going on since Friday, and now to keep up with course work I need to finish least 2 modules of work by the end of the week!

I will submit what I have regardless but at all it is, is a online multiplayer system and you can see the other players moving around which pretty much no game play :( But this competition is right in the middle of the all my final year projects and keeping my grades above 70% comes first!

In the same boat. I'm just about to start work on my project now.