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So here we are, we worked on this project for the past three weeks and now it's finished, i've published my game and i'm seeing a lot of other games pop-up and it's now time to sit back and relax while the judges analyse our games... (actually we're probably all going back to deadlines and more games making, no time to relax)

But while the counter ticks the last few minutes i thought that we could all share some closing thoughts for this second stage of the competition, I'll start by saying that the part i found to be the hardest was right at the start, looking at the Arena with those yellow and red cubes didn't spark an idea straight away and it took me a couple days before actually getting to the coding part of just coming up with ideas and writing down a lot of doodles and sketches... My final game is quite close to the original idea, of course by programming it i found some thing that didn't work or feel good to play and had to change mid-way but the core loop didn't change drastically during the project.

The final stretch was also really hard, i had a couple decisions to make that were really hard and i'm still wandering if what is in the final game was the right thing to do but only time will tell.

After submitting my project i've downloaded and played some of the other projects just out of curiosity and they're really cool, a thing that always surprises me in game jams, and this one in particular, is how we all started from the same point and at the end all the games are so different and each one is unique in its own way. Even though in this jam/competition, having all started from the same project you can see the similarities in mechanics more than in theme...

How did your project go? What did you find hard or easy? Do you have any final thoughts?

Good luck to everyone, and i hope to see you at the finals, if i get there that is xD


Hello, thank you for your answer, I am currently using a couple Singletons for my Managers mainly because I assume you wouldn't ever want two game managers to be present at the same time and for ease of use, I find it nicer to use GameManager.Instance then to find it within Unity. But again using the method you suggested, and since all the objects in the original projects were made child of the game manager, they already have a reference to the game manager without it being public...

In retrospective using a system similar to the one that in the original project communicates between the SceneManager and the Game might have been better and, if I manage to finish tweaking the final things before the submission, I might try change it to be more similar to that even though that could mean creating a lot of events for a lot of possible situations which isn't probably the best ether.

But for now it's probably better to focus on making sure the game doesn't break and is at least a bit fun to play.

Thanks again,


Yeah, that's what i thought and what I'm doing but there's more than one person in my uni that just goes mental whenever i try to use a Singleton, so i wanted to make sure xD


What is the general feeling towards Singletons? Because i know they have a very bad stigma but i quite like them so i'm wondering if using one (or two) is a bad idea?

Thank you, Gualtiero

Hey, I've seen your other post and it got me worried since I'm also inspired by Geometry Wars... But I'm sure they'll be different in the end, at least i hope so... As you can see i'm going for a more cartoony style but not really sure yet, my problem is that i grew too attached to the placeholder graphics and now it's really hard to change them with something more elaborate...

I'll also try to post some more images or other stuff about my game, good luck ;)

Hey everyone, i hope your games are coming along well ;)

Mine is in process and i was thinking about what name to give it, i'm thinking something on the lines of "Bomb Repulsion" or "Planet Wars" (yes my game is in space and has bombs, so original xD) but i'm not sure yet, do you have a name already? would you like to share it with the rest of the group? After all this is a competition but also a Jam and the most fun about jams is seeing what the others are doing, so i'll start with one of my bombs ;) Looks pretty angry, right?


Have fun and good luck ;)

Hi guys,

I'm from the University of the West of England, Bristol doing Games Technology.

It must be that great minds think alike because my initial idea was also on the line of magnetic spaceship attracting and pushing objects around but I think we will end up with very different games in the end... Now i'm also playing with the flocking mechanic a bit and trying to find out how many boids i can have on the screen at once, just to get an idea.

Anyway, Good Luck everyone!