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A topic by Xoron created Feb 14, 2017 Views: 296 Replies: 11
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For thrusting (I don't know if you'd try to slash with it). The advantage is quite long reach. However it can't block arrows, and as only the tip is made of energy, it is vulnerable to be cut in half, or broken with a hammer.

Nice idea. Maybe the player could throw the spear.

*sigh* that would be a javelin

Well yes but.. no. Stahp it.


No, if you could stab and throw it, it would be a spear.

Javelins can't stab.

spears can't stab I don't think... could you find some evidence that they can? for personal curiosity:P

Copied it from reddit, I hope it's enough:

Spear: long shaft of wood with a metal tip. Can be used for stabbing or throwing.

Javelin: short shaft of wood with a sharpened end. Used for throwing.

Lance: A long and thicker pointy piece of wood designed to be carried by a horseman. Far too inconvenient for a single man to carry.

Pike: very very long staff with a metal dagger-like item strapped to the top. Used for foot soldiers to stab at horsemen from a safe distance.

A javelin would not be sufficiently different from the bow and arrow.

I would like that kind of weapon :) the breaking the spear with a hammer or a sword or an arrow and not blocking an arrow would balance the spear.

Further balance ideas: it has the reach of a hammer and the speed of a spear, but you can only stab not slash. Because of this it's harder to aim and hit enemies and the smaller damage (as supposed to cutting them in half) might mean you need more hits to kill them.

I would like it