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Nice idea. Maybe the player could throw the spear.

*sigh* that would be a javelin

Well yes but.. no. Stahp it.


No, if you could stab and throw it, it would be a spear.

Javelins can't stab.

spears can't stab I don't think... could you find some evidence that they can? for personal curiosity:P

Copied it from reddit, I hope it's enough:

Spear: long shaft of wood with a metal tip. Can be used for stabbing or throwing.

Javelin: short shaft of wood with a sharpened end. Used for throwing.

Lance: A long and thicker pointy piece of wood designed to be carried by a horseman. Far too inconvenient for a single man to carry.

Pike: very very long staff with a metal dagger-like item strapped to the top. Used for foot soldiers to stab at horsemen from a safe distance.

A javelin would not be sufficiently different from the bow and arrow.