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Basically an upgrade that allows the player to throw the same type of grenades as spidertron. They might have to be expensive in terms of power to make it fair though.

Further balance ideas: it has the reach of a hammer and the speed of a spear, but you can only stab not slash. Because of this it's harder to aim and hit enemies and the smaller damage (as supposed to cutting them in half) might mean you need more hits to kill them.

A javelin would not be sufficiently different from the bow and arrow.

By better I mean they are just like the blue ones just fight well. Ie they would move around, don't just swing randomly but aim properly and try to block your attacks. It would be fun to have at least one robot which you can duel with (ie when blocking intentionally is an option). MK1s are too stupid, the rest are cheating with unbalance.

For thrusting (I don't know if you'd try to slash with it). The advantage is quite long reach. However it can't block arrows, and as only the tip is made of energy, it is vulnerable to be cut in half, or broken with a hammer.

It would also be nice to be able to practice different tactics on one type of enemy, so probably you should be able to use enemy and equipment in the arena.

It is hard to see the energy swords and arrows over that. The narrow bridge is an example.

The hammer bots are fun and it's good that they are fundamentally different. However I think there should be an option to choose between cutting off different parts for different results. Currently you can cut off the leg and then they move slower, but there's nothing else you can cut off for an effect as far as I know. I think it would be a nice addition if you cut off one of their arm they swing slower because the hammer is very heavy for one handed use.

Both. I think it's a bit annoying when you manage to cut off the legs and they should clearly be destroyed but you still need to finish them off.But for balance, in this case, I think the 6000 should require more shots from an arrow. Or you could have a 7000 that has a shield facing forward so you can't destroy it without cutting the legs off (thus stopping it from facing you and blocking the arrows).

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cutting stuff could be very fun but now it is a bit pointless. It seems like the purpose of the long legs of the spider is that it doesn't damage itself with its own bombs. So if you cut off all the legs, it should be damaged by its own bombs. Traps should also damage the legless spider. (cutting off the legs is harder than just shooting it, so if you go that far you deserve the kill)

By mistake, now it's deleted.

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It can be very fun to be able to cut the spider into many pieces many ways. However it can easily be killed by an arrow so this is not too useful. I think there should be a large meele type enemy which is a bit slow and has a lot of health. You can cut off an arm so it can maybe only attack with a weaker secondary weapon, you can cut off a leg then it becomes slower or stationary, so you can then use the arrow easily.

You hold a button for blocking (let's say right click if it doesn't do anything else) and the sword is kept at the top in front of you. If you hold A or D the sword is held to the side. While you do this you don't block arrows only swords.