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What's the deal with Spidertron?

A topic by Nunivyer Business created Feb 13, 2017 Views: 212 Replies: 6
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Everyone says you have to chop spidertron's legs, but I can easily just jump up and slice/whack his face off? Am I missing something?

You cant jump up and kill spidertron6000, so you either have to use a bow, or cut off a leg or 2.

ohhh ok. Thx!

I think Spidertron should be immune to attacks on his head until you destroy the legs. Becuase the 5000 one is easily killed by a simple sword swipe, or arrow, or hammer. And the 6000 one can be killed just by shooting his eyes, and is only a challenge in melee runs.

Am I the only one that feels 2 spidertron 5000s are way harder then 1 spidertron 6000