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Can I see/download my project's entire analytics?

A topic by evgLabs created Feb 12, 2017 Views: 507 Replies: 7
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Hi all, I've got a quick question if there is a way to either see or download my project's entire analytic history?

The views and downloads have been rising and I want to see the whole graph at a time instead of just 30-days.


P.S. I love!


There should be a link to scroll back by 30 days at a time. There's no way to download it all at the moment, but I can definitely see that being useful. If you want I can run a dump for you and send you a CSV

Thanks, I'll take you up on that if it's not to much trouble! a CSV would be perfect!

This is my game if you need it:


I sent an email to the address you have on your account.

Thank you! I really appreciate that.

Hi Leaf,

Is it possible to also get a CSV copy of our data as well for our game to this day? It's

Thanks so much!

Hi, I would like to know if is there any interest on writing an article at the /docs about how to maximise the dashboard use, for example, I don't understand what is the gray bar above the red bars that indicate how many views our page get, they don't have a name and i cant see where is this traffic coming from.

Could someone please explain? Thank you very much!

For people interested in downloading your pages analytics: You might also want to weigh in on github at: