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Yeah, I'm still working on SsC2X. It's been slower due to some changes in life and such. But I've actually been uploading some videos on development: channel

Oh no, sorry. I've been busy and haven't reworked to fix that!

I've updated the page to have a key that will unlock all the features

Yes, scary yay, but big yay!

I see! Yeah, the previous game would say something like "The Exo-Terran Alliance is more peaceful than aggressive, and values development over their people..."

For now, the new game, is just showing the raw numbers behind (along with the life spans). But, that will change later on in development.

Actually the life spans and personality are new features for Starship Command 2X! They were not in the previous game.

Wow! That's some in depth data!

I'll have to figure out a way to balance that. But I do plan to have more than just combat to win battles, like diplomacy, hacking, etc.

Thanks, that's actually on the to do! I just needed a texture to gets things rolling.

Thanks, I managed to get the Linux build working this morning and reuploaded the generator (it will run on both Windows and Linux).

To run it in Linux just extract the zip and set the permissions for "" to be executed as a program  then run that file.

No screenshots yet :( nothing to screenshoot! (soon hopefully)

Yeah, that sounds like something related to the specific captain.

We can try zipping up the .json files inside of PATH_TO_GAME\Data\Mods\Standard\save
(You don't need to include any subfolders)

You can then try emailing that to

Ahh! sorry for the delay! I've been busy and fell through.

I'm not sure what would cause this. Have you modified any files? And is this all from the same galaxy?

That's cool! Could I see some drawings? Alien appearances is what I want to work on, so I'll probably start with that.

Yeah, there will be more. I've just been swamped with job work.

Thanks, It sounds like an issue with that graphics card. I've tested it out on an old laptop with older integrated graphics) and it works. Sorry. Maybe try making sure your drivers are up to date?

Can you tell me the specs of your machine?

Monsters, monsters, monsters!

I just uploaded a new build, hopefully it should fix the crash.

Thanks! I'll hunt this down.

>//note this game is truly impressive regardless of this crash im like wow

Aww, now you're making me blush!

Thanks, I'll hunt this down!

For the separators, what language is your system on?

And, I've been meaning to add in panning on the galaxy map, I'll bump it up the list!

Thanks, did you ever get a new ship? or are you still in the escape pod? You can't get attacked if you are still flying around in the escape pod.

You're welcome and thanks again for the bug report! They really help.

Thanks for the bug report! I just pushed a new build that should fix it. Please let me know if it does or doesn't work!

And I'm happy you're enjoying my game!

New build (Beta 3) fixing nasty bug and planet surveys.

New build fixing a nasty, randomly-crashing bug, adding planet surveys and more

Link to devlog.

Hey captains,

I'm looking for any suggestions for weapon mods! Post them here and I'll get them worked out.

New build introduces weapon mods! Jump Mines, Flak Bursts, Drones and more!

This build brings weapon mods. When a shipyard creates a new weapon it'll have a chance to apply one of the applicable mods:

Pulse Weapons have Flak, an explosive pulse that can also destroy warheads easier, and Shotgun, multiple pulses for the charge of one!

Missiles have Cluster, which split into multiple warheads to avoid point defense, and Drone, which will circle your target and fire pulses at it.

Mines have Field Emitter, which fires a field weapon when the target gets near them, and Jump which will try to "jump" close to the target instead of being stationary and waiting for the target to come to them.

Link to devblog

Thanks, but I don't want to trouble you. I'll just make a screenshot of them for reference.

What happens to existing comments if I switch my game over to a discussion board?

Will the comments disappear?


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Starship Command 2

Starship Command 2 is a persistent-world, massively single-player, real-time tactical starship simulator wrapped in an AI-driven 4X game. Starting with a lowly shuttle, you will trade and battle your way to victory, amassing a gigantic fleet customized to your liking!

In the game the first thing you do is setup a galaxy. Then SsC2 will populate it with AI-controlled empires that play their own 4X (eXplore, eXpand, eXploit, and eXterminate) game. You play as a captain for one of these empires by trading commodities, completing missions, collecting taxes from sectors and battle the other empires for glory!

Massively single-player means that at any time you can switch between different captains of different empires in the same galaxy, playing both sides of a conflict.

Game Page

Hopefully, that's my plan. There should be no reason it shouldn't be able to work on Linux, I just haven't gotten around to it.

I haven't given much thought about trying to get it up on Steam. Do you think it'd be important?

Right now, to start a new game you need to go into the program directory and delete all the files (but NOT folders) in the "Data\Mods\Standard\Save" directory, or you could delete the entire save folder and add in the save folder "music", "images" and "images\hulls".

I haven't added a way in-game to clean the save folder, (there's still a lot to do!). If I have time in the next build I'll add a "reset game" button

If you want to setup a wiki for the game, that'd be great! You'd have my blessing. I don't have a way to set one up on my end right now. But if you do, you can see all the damage values, empire stats, etc. in the data folder.

You're welcome! I appreciate the feedback. And again I'm happy to answer any questions about the game (And I'll probably start working a manual fairly soon).

Thanks, I'll get this sorted out. And just so you know, this is a bug on my end, nothing with your computer!

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Yeah, if you could download it straight from the site and see if it saves that way, that'd be great. I always forget about the Itch app, I need to test it on my end.

For the random closing, there should be a crash log in the games directory ( %APPDATA%\itch\apps\Starship Command 2\ for the Itch app) if there is one I could take a look at it.

Also, there are some settings that could be changed in the settings file, lowering the max number of empires should help, and lowering the max hull size<- that actually could be the source of the closing, with SsC2 making an image too large for your memory.

I could make a tweaked settings file for you, if you'd like.


I haven't made a manual yet. I've been planning to, but just haven't gotten around to it yet. I'd be happy to answer any questions in the meantime though.

The game should save automatically when you quit. If it's not that's a bug I need to fix. Could you tell me if you are running the game through the Itch App, or downloading it directly from the site and if so, where is the game unzipped? (It might be a permissions issue)

And yes! All empires will expand on their own even if you do nothing. In fact, if you are the galaxy view, you can press the F5 button and toggle a "watcher mode" which will let you set the time rate to 5000x and watch the empires expand and fight.

May I ask what kind of performance updates? I'm always trying to improve the performance, but if there is some specific areas that you noticed, It'd help to know.

There are some tips you can do to make SsC2 less demanding:

In the settings file:

  • Change "combatLighting" to false.
  • Lower "bumpStrength" to 0.
  • Lower "maxEffectsCount" and "maxEffectsCountHardLimit" to a lower number, the first is a soft limit where it will start to cull older particles faster, and the second is a hard limit that will remove the oldest particles over this number.
  • Change "particleShader" to false, this and the "maxEffect"'s settings will give you the biggest improvement in performance.

Those are the probably the best settings to change for increasing performance. Another tip would be to limit the size of  your fleet, since SsC2 will try to match your fleet in strength, which can cause a massive battle of ships. I try to keep my fleet to ~20 ships, on my nine-year old Q9550.