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Starship Command 2

The massively single-player, starship simulator (Sequel!) · By evgLabs

Various suggestions

A topic by Hoven created Dec 29, 2017 Views: 111 Replies: 2
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Here's a topic with various suggestions and Quality of Life feature that i find useful.

I don't have any separator in my numbers, so it's a real pain to read them, especially when billions and more are involved.

I can't pan the camera in galaxy map, it's a bit difficult to target a far system because i can only dezoom.

For the separators, what language is your system on?

And, I've been meaning to add in panning on the galaxy map, I'll bump it up the list!

My system is in French, and i checked numbers spacing I have groups of 3.

Cool that panning was already planned :)