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Access to Community for Game with Restricted Visibility

A topic by Cole Cecil created Feb 11, 2017 Views: 293 Replies: 2
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I'm currently developing a game, and I put it up on with Restricted visibility so that I can get feedback from a limited number of people that I share it with. Currently, I have it set up to use a password, and I'm sending people the link with the password embedded, rather than generating download keys.

I also turned on the "Discussion board" option so that people can leave feedback. However, a friend of mine made me aware that he could not see the discussion board, even when he was logged in to I also tried switching to the "Comments" option, and he was still not able to see it. Is there something special I need to do in order to make my discussion board visible to those who can see the game page? I couldn't find information about this in the documentation, and I couldn't find any relevant settings options.

Note: I didn't try adding the community link using "External Links" in "Metadata". My friend was just looking for the discussion board at the bottom of the game page, where I can see it when I'm logged in.


Admin (1 edit)

Sorry for the trouble. At the moment, a community in a restricted mode game page can only be accessed by someone who owns a key for the game. Since communities can show up in many parts of the site, it wasn't trivial to have the password apply across the whole site. A potential workaround would be to create a free reward tier. Anyone who can see the page can claim own to get perminant ownership of the game, and access to the community.

Ah, OK. After I read your response, I took a closer look at the download key options. If I uncheck the "download key can be claimed" option, does that mean that the same download key can be used by multiple people and also give them access to the discussion board? Or does the access key have to be claimed by a single person to give them community access?

Thanks for the help!