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Special abilities

A topic by Nuggetonio created Feb 04, 2017 Views: 234 Replies: 7
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Well, being here from the start of the game and watching the progress, I think now with the new update it would be a nice idea to have a special ability for each weapon. These special attacks should use all the energy or maybe be used only once per round. The hammer should have a ground smash attack and knock over any robots and kill the weaker mark 1 or 2 robots. The bow should have a spread shot of 3 arrows and the sword a triple spin attack.(3 spins). If le dev sees this, it's just an idea for the upgrade bot.

*winks at doborog*

(Commentatron) Why should we make the humans stronger, Analysis-Bot? They'll just escape the arena more quickly!

(Analysis-Bot #17) no. the human died in the garbage room, remember?

(Commentatron) Yeah... "died", Analysis-Bot, we just said that so the Crowd Bots didn't panic. Except for Crowd Bot #5290, he's always chiling, and playing classical music.


wait what if the sword had something similar to aim time but instead of slowing down time for everything you still moved at regular speed like a berserk mode or something

I like this idea. :)


Keep suggesting ability ideas! It's definitely a thing we're thinking about. :)