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Classic Fallout sequel that we deserve [game idea]

A topic by Halloween Astronaut created Nov 05, 2019 Views: 199 Replies: 4
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Playability, humour, exploration, atmosphere, dialogues, mystery. Cavalier-oblique or isometric perspective. Has anyone ever thought that in lack of the classic Fallout saga expected continuation, the community could actually make oneself such? It is certainly not unachievable. The engine, the less fancy, the better. Keep it simple, keep it smart. Maybe even browser based. What would be truly constructive, is for the fans to be able to submit their random encounter scenarios, their dialogue writings and otherwise creative suggestions, to go a deeper level in participation with the world creation. This way, we could end up having something genuinely rich, eventually.

Just a loose idea. Take it or leave it.

While i see where you´re coming from, i think it would be difficult to just have, like, everybody being involved. The more people from even more places working together might sound nice but i guess from a logistically standpoint it would be a catastrophe.

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What I was actually thinking about is to have one team developing the game and a lot of contributors proposing narrative contents, perhaps also art - if given proper tools and instructions on compatibility measures. Then, these contents would be submitted to the developing team for evaluation and chance be, implementation. If a lot of public contribution is made, some kind of voting system could be established, maybe a dedicated forum.

I honestly think that'd be super sick, someone should totally do something like this!

Glad you liked the idea. We must remember that good old RPG classics, were mostly based on the narrative magic created by interactive dialogue, as well as distinct visual style, accompanied by proper soundtrack and soundscape. In other terms, these games, had soul, they had unique identity. They offered something to explore. For the mechanics, I think it plays secondary role, but certainly it must not be flawed.

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