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Rate system for Users - specifically game jams

A topic by teafood created 15 days ago Views: 37 Replies: 2
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I don't know if this exists but I didn't see anything about rating individual users. I think this feature should be added especially for game jams where it's about collaboration and team building/trust.

I recently joined a game jam and built a team all on this website. We started off strong but then in the last week, I noticed things have gone silent where only one person was responding slowly.  Ultimately, both my team mates abandoned the project completely last minute. I've tried messaging both asking what's been going on but all I've got was radio silence. 

It  sucks because I had to forfeit the jam. I'm not a generalist and now  all the work I've done goes down the drain because two people decided to be not great team members. 

I think it's important that we can rate other users based on their people skills. It can be a simple star system like the games or something. This also saves other people time  and have a sense of security especially if they aren't blessed with friends who can help create a game. Frankly, it makes me really wary about this community if I wanted to join a team here again.


Yes, you have to know and trust your team members. That sort of thing happens all the time. Even in the real world. Even among people who know each other well.

But a rating system for people? Sounds like a recipe for toxicity. This isn't eBay. And most creators likely don't even take part in jams, let alone in teams.

I'm with NTTP, it would open up toxicity if not bribes for ratings.