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Can I set myself as a game publisher if I'm 15?

A topic by Jumma Game Developer created 21 days ago Views: 74 Replies: 7
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I'm making a game using Gamemaker Studio. Planning game type, making game graphics, adding sounds, programming GMS codes, everything I'm doing by myself. So you know the name on developing, publishing, authorizing would get named by my name.

I created this itch ID this first time. After creating the ID, I saw on the therms and services that, I can name myself in developing games if I'm up to 13 but can't name myself as a game publisher if I'm less than 18. But I'm just 15 yet,  as I discussed to make the game, the game I'm making it's 'publisher' name would be named by my own name, Uotsab! But just for age confirmation isn't matching, can't I name mine on the game as the publisher of the game I'm making? Or who's name I'll add on the publisher name? There is no one who's I could add here. Ok, what's problem, to the players who'll play and can comment anything in my game, bad or good? If I do well, they will rate and comment my game, if not so they can say anything bad. But where is to get angry there, I'll not collide with them, but I'll justs reply, I'll try to do the best to develop the game and fix the problems for them, I'll saw responsibility to them on whatever my age would. So can't I name myself as a publisher, when I'm following all other rules?
My main question is this that, where is the main problem to be a publisher actually, if I'm not 18? I'll never do the opposite of the other terms and other things, so can I do it? If I can't, so is there is any other ways to upload the game, as naming my name as a publisher of the game? If it would be possible to request someone adding his name on this game as a publisher, I would do that. But who is there to add their name on it, no other ones even not helping to make this game, so who's name will I add, it is not possible. So I'm asking can I be a publisher of the game that I'm making and upload after making in itch?


If you want to collect any money on your projects then you need someone who is 18 or older to manage the financials on your account. These are the rules of our payment processors, there are no exceptions.



I now relized that. Of course if an bank account so no problem, I can open a students ID to collect money. But now I think I need to wait until I'm 18.

you can't be a publisher because all countrys around the world don't allow anyone under 18 to file taxes without someone being 18 (mainly a laywer with expert advice on taxes) or having parents approve it.

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Okay, so 18 years recomended. So after finish making this game I'll need to took it on my computer until I'm 18. After than I can upload this game.

The fastest and cheapest way is just having your parents help you. They can sign the papers and such,

Wait, can I use others, accounts? My mother will agree to help me on using her bank account. But she can't be a publisher. Can I change that bank account ID address when I need? I don't think I'll need bank accounts, because I'll sell my games for free. When I'll be 18 I'll make a bank account.

And is there is any problem, if I keep blank the publisher name of the game?


Yes, this is the common way for kids to go sell games in the internet. You might be given a way to change bank information, i never done it so its unclear to me. You will be fine without a publisher name, you don't need it.