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Game not appearing in search results

A topic by ProjectLevel created 24 days ago Views: 46 Replies: 5
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Hi all, 
I developed a game last year and its Halloween themed, I put Halloween in the tags, Halloween in the title and it mentions Halloween a lot through the descriptions and everything to do with the  game. but when I search "Halloween" my game never appears :( but there's loads of others that have the Halloween titles and tags etc and the page of results isn't even that long. 
 Just wondering if i'm doing something wrong, or what is the best way to make my game searchable? 
The game is called Hallowed Candy btw.  any help would be greatly appreciated.... of course it could just be i'm no where near as active as I should be on this site. 

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Well, if you search for "hallowed" instead, it shows up, which leads me to suspect it simply gets buried in an avalanche of results for "Halloween". You might want to consider other ways to set it apart from other games with a similar theme.

My game has its unique name and everything and when i search it up it doesnt show lol also when you search my profile it says that i have 0 projects...


Not to me. I see your game on your profile just fine, and also in search results. It's public and indexed.

weird but i guess ok

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