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Hey Liam. 
Great update, fixed a lot of issues and added some great features. Its great to be able to see how many points you need to get the A ranks. i've been trying to get them all! 
I've now finished the game and have some more feedback :) 
I'm having a couple of issues with 2 of the levels and trying to get the A rank. 

Level 4 -1 - when you take control of Ava, the first section has three instant death glitch boxes you have to avoid in a free fall.... The positioning of these boxes makes it extremely tight to make it through and I drain all my lives trying to get through it. Or I get lucky and scrape through but then i've got no way of building my score back up to get to the A rank. 
As a suggestion, perhaps space the boxes a bit further apart to give the player a slightly better chance of getting through. Or instead of 3 boxes reduce it to 2. 

Level  1-5 - I think I'm just missing some enemies on this level, however when the BIG robot starts chasing you it happens very quickly and can result in an unfair death sometimes. Perhaps start him a little further to the left to give a little more breathing space at the start of this sequence. 

Is it possible to get a rank for 4-2? On the level select screen there is a blank space next to it. 

Lastly I have some feedback on the final confrontation with Dr Glitcher. Love that the fight is on jet packs above the planet! However I found the only way I could beat him is if I stayed on the ground and waited for him to drop down so I could land a few punches. When flying around he's so quick to throw out the glitch attacks that he kills me very quickly, and with him having a lot of health it makes the final bout very hard.  
As a suggestion, maybe keep it the same but reduce his health or reduce the speed of the glitch boxes that he fires.  As you are flying around it might be cool to have the glitch boxes he fires super slow but deal a lot of damage if you are caught in them.

Hope that helps somewhat, I've had fun trying to get an A rank on every level as I do want to see the final secret cutscene. 

Kind Regards
Brendan Toy  - Project Level Studios 

Hey Liam,

Firstly, I love your dedication to this series, and I appreciate all the hard work you've put into it, I'd like to point a few things out as I genuinely would like to see Smash Ringtail Cat improve and reach more people.  
I bought and played the digital deluxe version (not finished my playthrough yet) I just wanted to bring a couple of things to your attention that are causing difficulties with progression.
here is a list of some important issues to look into and some suggestions overall. 

- At the end of one of the Dr Glitcher castles there's a spring board that launches Smash upward and you have to aim between some instant death glitch boxes. Nothing wrong with that, but if you die, or run out of time in this section, no matter how many lives you have remaining the game quits to the main menu forcing you to have to reload and start the level from the beginning.

- I like the ranking system and love the secret coins, but it might be helpful to have some indication of what the point thresholds are to achieve an A rank? As a suggestion perhaps put the rank letter you are currently achieving next to the score on the games GUI.

- I like the variety of combat moves you can do with the characters and each feel unique from each other, (Bash's flying kick is the most satisfying to use!) There are however  numerous issues with the controls causing the characters to get stuck in scenery, or certain moves to feel a little underpowered. Smash being the main character I feel his punches could be more visible, its currently a little difficult to tell if you are actually hitting the enemies at the moment. perhaps a visual can help with that?    

- The other versions of Smash Ringtail Cat that i 've played in the past had more level variety with how they look, (forests, cyrstal caves, castles etc) and this one starts strong but there's a lot of levels using the same grey castle tiles before it gets back to the forest. (i'm at the point in the game where you are sent back to the alternate timeline to find the gems!) Not that this is a huge issue, I just think it would be nice to have more of a visual mix in the levels. 

- I love all the extra work you put into the cutscenes and the story, the new animations are more ambitious and show more movement, I'm genuinely impressed with them. some of the text though slightly overlaps at times on a double line, perhaps increase the spacing slightly to help this. 

- Also with the text, try to use a spell checker and just double check that the sentences are structured correctly, I saw a few mistakes here and there so if you can get someone to go through them and grammar check them that would be a huge improvement. 

I hope all that was useful and helps towards the constant improvement you are striving for, I've had a lot of fun playing them over the years and have really enjoyed seeing it go through numerous changes and improvements. Thanks for your continued efforts! I'll be jumping back in to KICK SOME TAIL as soon as I can. 

Kind Regards
Brendan Toy - Project Level Studios

Thanks so much for playing!  Great video! and we will be dropping a new update soon with a fresh demo! And yes, it's fast and deadly! 

Great demo! Thoroughly enjoyed it! I had an incident where I defeated the boss that stole mr Cupcakes, I defeated him and got locked in position just as a rock hit me and I had to fight him again!!!! arghagrhga. but it was fine, the second time I smashed it! 

Cute story, brilliant aesthetics, great sound track. i'm easily putting myself down for a copy of this when its all done. hoping for a physical release! sign me UP. Bottle Boy for the win!  

Bubblegum Zombie Hunter

Thanks for your support and kind words 😊

Bubblegum Zombie Hunter




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Twinstick Horror Shooter

Bubblegum Zombie Hunter is a fast paced twin stick retro styled horror shooter! It's quirky, spooky,  frantic action, secrets and frights will keep you coming back for more! If all of that sounds interesting to you, then we invite you to play our latest Demo giving you a polished slice of the full game. It's out now! We can't wait to hear your feedback and meet more of you! Come join us today.

Does the game actually Run on xbox series S? it keeps looping the intro video and not loading


Thank you so much. we love seeing it improve too! :) its come a long way. thank you for your support. 

Bubblegum Zombie Hunter

Thank you :) 

Haven't played through all of the new version yet, however here are some more notes and observations for your consideration. 

recommended text alterations to the controller instruction screen.

"Smash Ringtail Cat is playable with a keyboard and fully compatible with any bluetooth controller! An Xbox or Playstation controller is recommended."

in the scene select screen, you can infinitely scroll down past the last entry "Binary appears" 
advice, have it jump back up to the top if player presses down on the very last entry. 

Donate option is broken. accessing it leads to a blank screen with a broken link. Check what URL this button is pointing to. 

First instruction after starting the game is to "press x to jump"
advice - if player is using an xbox controller, change the text to relate to the controller they are using. 

jumping on the spot, and standing still causes ava to spin constantly until you move again.

Avas jump is set to occur when the player releases the jump button. advice; any partner character should jump at the same time the player presses the jump button. This should help stop them from falling into pits and off platforms. 

How to play screen, this I feel should display controls based on what the player is using. 

An instruction screen says there are difficulty levels/options when pausing the game, but I couldn't seem to access these. 

Pausing and un pausing halts enemy movement. 

framerate in 1 - 1 and a few other levels is very choppy. (browser version tested) 

When moving on a sloped collision block you can't jump. 

Red Punching bags that contain items - recommend reducing their hitpoints to just 1. just to make grabbing the items easier/ more satisfying.

The heart icon doesn't seem to give you much health, perhaps increase the amount it can give you to make it more worth while?  

level 1 -4 (glitch house) the level end is a glitch box. players have been taught to avoid these. maybe change the sprite so its more obvious you need to touch it to progress. 

If you die fighting dr glitcher in the first encounter in dr glitchers castle, on restarting at the checkpoint, the level music doesn't play. 

When advancing dialogue in the cutscene after fighting dr glitcher avas sprite changes size.

That's all for now. You have been doing really well fixing all the previous bugs i pointed out, nice work.  

I can continue to test things and play it when I can if you feel my notes are helping you. I don't want to over load you haha. 
Take care.  

Hi there. played through the game and found some issues you might want to address :) hope the following notes are helpful. 

if you die at the 2nd boss, when you restart at the last check point the level music isn't playing. 

Pressing Enter multiple times during the opening cutscene stacks all the dialogue on top of eachother

On the level 1 - 4 if you die, the music stacks so its louder when you restart. 

in the cutscene after the big robot chasing you Ava's sprite is constantly sliding to the left during the dialogue

the aspect ratio shrinks when starting act 2-1

aspect ratio zooms in during the first chase of dr glitcher

If you don't catch, or attack dr glitcher during that first chase, the level is impossible to complete.

The invincibility collectible on act 2-3 can't be picked up and its audio loops rapidly

act 3-3 dr glitcher is facing the wrong way in the boss fight

The safe zones at present are pretty clear cut, always in specific rooms. So the rooms entrance is where the gramophone is effective from. 

We don't plan on having the gramophones out in open areas, they will always be tucked inside smaller rooms :) 

If it causes confusion we can perhaps add a glowing line to the ground to further highlight it. But for now they are sufficient. 

However thank you for that suggestion and that would certainly be a great tool for us to be able to place gramophones out in open areas if we ever needed to do that. Multiplayer survival modes perhaps. 

You don't like smooth jazz? But it could save your life!!!!!!!

Its a little hard to see, but the game also crashes when you punch this enemy. I was invincible at the time managed to replicate it multiple times. If you DON'T collect the invincibility power up then the crash doesn't happen must be tied to that.  Also if you quit the game and select load game the aspect ratio is restored.  

couple of things I've noticed, Dr Glitcher seems to be upside down in this cutscene

And the aspect ratio shrinks after the first cutscene has ended. 

I remember gushing over your video about modelling the character for this. Glad to see you are doing so well. Much love and respect.

A game where enemies are ONLY activated when light touches them or you get too close. Its possible to get through a level without ever encountering a ghost or entity... The fear is put into the players hands so THEY are solely  responsible for how scary it is. 

Perhaps could add sound cues to indicate the proximity of a ghost,  and add in things that could lead them astray, maybe a section could have the batteries die in the flashlight requiring the player to intensely listen for the sound cues. The ghosts could be smart, and lure the player by making different noises, or open & close certain doors. 

its a loose idea, but I think some potential is there :)

Hi, in the full release (with a proper pause and options menu) we are going to add AZERTY as well as the option to completely customize your buttons the way you want it, It just wasn't in our scope for this demo.  It's certainly on the list to be included as we know how important control customization is. 
The timer won't pause during dialogue scenes, but it should when the game is paused manually. Currently Pause doesn't work properly at all so I expect there to be some issues surround it still. But Thank you for letting us know.
And sure i'll check out your game.

Thanks for pointing that out, how odd. I've fixed it now. 

I love how you've laid out the page, looks striking , different and generates a lot of intrigue.  You made me want to try it.
You clearly laid out what I can expect from this project, good job!  

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Hi all, Looking for some people to give our latest release a try and see if you can break it. Would love to hear your feedback. Releasing on Steam soon so squashing the last bugs and getting everything in tip top shape is a high priority.
Here's a link to the game -
 Have fun! (please don't break it) 

Bubblegum Zombie Hunter -


Thank you for your patience, we hope you enjoy this greatly improved demo that has expanded the gameplay of BGZH upwards immensely. We've had great community support and look forward to hearing more of your feedback! 

You can download the game from our page here

For more details please read on!


This demo showcases the first level of the main story campaign, Kaylee and her sister Maddie find them selves out of gas and stuck at the local high school. Its your task to find some gas and get out of there before things get too hairy. 

Experience all the fun weapons and powerups you can use in the game! Perks can be bought from vending machines in the world to give you a great advantage against the raging hordes of the undead, don't ignore them! 

There are many surprises to find, secrets to unlock and gameplay to enjoy! New quality of life features means the games difficulty is more accessible to all skill levels and we hope you all enjoy the fun challenge it provides. 



As well as being fun, there are a few moments where things can get spooky, so be wary and cautious, its  cute pixels but... don't expect it to be free from scares, after all it is a horror themed game. Boo! 


We hope you enjoy what we have put together here and we are super excited to hear your feedback, we are continuing to develop the game and will be adding many more features. The image below gives you some details on what to expect in the FULL RELEASE coming Later.  In the meantime please feel free to follow us on Itch or head to our website at https:\\ for details of how to find us on other social media and to stay up to date with any big announcements.  


Lastly I just wanted to say thank you to all our followers! You are AWESOME! Thanks for all the wonderful fan art and support! And we all hope to be meeting more of you over the next few months!  Bubblegum Zombie Hunter is here and ready for you to have fun! So download the demo today and give it a blast! Kaylee Bu33le is waiting!

awesome, i'll re download and give it another shot :) 

no problem ☺️

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hey, after the first cut scene ends it throws up this error. Its the windows version. 

As are we! its a large improvement. onward and upward! :) 

Hi! :) thanks for playing! there will be loads more to see soon!
to stay updated check out our website for all the social places we post

Hey, firstly thank you so much for playing and thanks for providing us with some great feedback! 
I agree with most of the cons, we are actually fixing the camera issue. In the new build the camera shifts slightly up and down now so you can see ahead of you the same as when you are running left and right.  This would make the difficulty a bit easier and stop those pesky "where the heck did that zombie come from" deaths.
Going forward each level is slightly different and Kaylee will have many different objectives and some of the levels are bigger, they will also have a check point system and there's a few other player comfort things/power ups  we are working on in the background that will make it a little easier. 
The lives will be more relevant in the full game, for the sake of the demo we didn't want players to have to see a game over screen every time they died, so all though it seems a bit strange now, it'll make more sense in the next release :) 
On the difficulty though, its certainly not going to be easy.  "easy mode" will be less zombies and still have objective arrows, but overall its a game that has to be mastered to beat.  But hopefully with the new tweaks and extra fixes we have planned this will make the game hard, but also more player friendly. 
Again thank you for taking the time to play and for letting us know how you felt about your time with it.
We hope you'll try the next demo later this year and see the improvements. 

Kind Regards
Brendan Toy - Creative Lead.  

It's really no problem :) if you pop over to our website you can find links to all our socials and stay informed with major updates. we're also live developing the game most evenings on our discord. stop by and say hi sometime.