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Hi all, me and my friend made a little game about us running away from zombies, just a little game that ties into our youtube channel to say thanks to our fans and give people something fun to play. Come give it a go and follow us as we grow the project to a more finished state, your feedback is always welcomed :) 

thanks :) i'm certainly enjoying working on it :) you'll be able to play it soon.

ah, that makes sense  :P 

the copy protection was too much faff so i didn't bother playing. is there a way you can strip it out for those that really can't be bothered to dig through the manuals? 

wow :) thanks so much guys! Really am honoured to have been picked as best arcade game AND best holiday game. really have been enjoying watching your videos and its been great playing all the games. cant wait to see more.  

weeeeeeeey congrats!!! :) thanks for playing! :)

arrrrgh so close!!! :) 

Well done! yeah that third key can be really tough. thanks for playing! :) 

Thanks for playing guys, looks like you had fun! this was actually my first game. I'm glad i made a tough challenge. i liked a lot of the suggestions you made, particularly the comments you made about getting some level changes when picking up the keys. 
i'm going to save all these ideas for a sequel though, as for my first game i think Hallowed Candy is all it needs to be right now .  I should've put the characters name in the game too. she's called Pipkin. 
Thanks again for playing.  

awesome :) youll have to let me know if you do stream it :) hope you have fun. 

if you manage to get 3 keys youll be the first streamer to do it. no one else has managed.

cool :) good luck, where do you stream? 

play mine if you like :) its Halloween themed.  Not many have managed to get the three mystic keys.

Hi all, 
I developed a game last year and its Halloween themed, I put Halloween in the tags, Halloween in the title and it mentions Halloween a lot through the descriptions and everything to do with the  game. but when I search "Halloween" my game never appears :( but there's loads of others that have the Halloween titles and tags etc and the page of results isn't even that long. 
 Just wondering if i'm doing something wrong, or what is the best way to make my game searchable? 
The game is called Hallowed Candy btw.  any help would be greatly appreciated.... of course it could just be i'm no where near as active as I should be on this site. 

if this had controller support it would be great :) kinda reminds me of micro mages

thanks very much :) feel free to donate anything you wish. i am updating the game, hopefully in time for halloween. a few tweaks and fixes, and hopefully a proper score board. 

i bought a bare wood cabinet that was already cut out, but apart from that the rest of it was totally custom and i kinda just worked it out as i went along.  :) the hardest part was figuring out how to get the monitor in properly

hey all, I developed my first game last year and its been doing great, so glad people are enjoying it, i'm working on some minor updates in the background but in the meantime, I decided to build a custom bartop cabinet for it! :) here's what it looks like.

Will definitely be making more games! thanks for playing, great video! :)

who knows what triggers mystical keys... i mean, they're mystical, magical. They arrive precisely when they mean to.

Hi all, just wanted to share that the latest version of Hallowed Candy is out now, with some bug fixes! hope your all well and prepared for Halloween!!! :) hope you have a great one.... and play Hallowed Candy, the Unofficial game of Halloween 2018 :P

thanks dude, glad you had fun with it :) you should try the latest version, many improvements have been made :) Happy Halloween :) 

no probs :) hope it works out for you :)

the fact that the screen shot shows 1 view, but 5 downloads seems odd too. so maybe the analytics will catch up in a few days

yeah I did the same, and mine seems to be working, but mine is a "donation" so people don't have to pay.. not sure whats wrong, it looks like you've done everything right, perhaps it is just the analytics are behind?
I'm not too familiar with itch io's support, but I would suggest your next step would be to ask the admins directly to see if they can shed any light on it.

I meant the way itch io gathers payments for you? did you set it for them to do it? or are you getting the money directed elsewhere?

I just tried to buy it, set the price to $0 but it asked to pay the minimum of $4.99 so its definitely working..... maybe the analytics are behind?
how did you set up to receive payments?

Hey all! just letting you know that Hallowed Candy version 1.3 is here! and it comes with some big updates, a new power up and a Candy Cola machine!!! Ooooo  
So if you want some HALLOWEEN arcade fun this weekend then grab your copy NOW for FREE!

My game made it into a piece on the Southampton Game Fest I attended this month! :)  really pleased with that :) 

check it out HERE

if you want to play its completely free! so give it a bash. theres a new version dropping this week that has a bunch of new features too! :)

oh I hear you :) as it was my first game I decided to keep my scope very narrow. but if you check out the latest devlog , it details all the changes coming in the latest update :) I would love to add more levels and enemies to it and that is on the roadmap. So I guess you could say this is the alpha :) by Halloween 2019 I expect Hallowed Candy will be a full featured title :) thank you for playing, great video! I've put a link to your playthrough on our facebook page too :)

Hey Candy Grabbers!
OK so i'll be rolling out a large update soon that adds a bunch of new features and balances to gameplay that will make Hallowed Candy's "late game" much more fun :)
 just want to outline a few of the features that will be included in this large update coming soon!!!!!

Some of you may have experienced the "double zombie spawn" this occurs when 2 zombies spawn in exactly the same spot and one is effectively hidden by the other.. this lead to unfair deaths where you would kill the one zombie then get killed by the one hidden behind it.
this issue has now been fixed. No zombies spawn on the same point, and if they do end up lining up at some point in the game, they will randomly pick a different direction to go in... this makes them a little more unpredictable too so watch out for them suddenly turning around.

The zombies get harder to kill as the game goes on for longer, but there is no visual indication of this. so now, the zombies will;
if HP = 2  - zombie will flash green
if HP = 3 - zombie will flash yellow
if HP = 4 - zombie will flash orange
if HP = 5 - zombie will flash red

its a subtle change, but it does help and you notice when the difficulty ramps up more. 

Yes, the dreaded bat has been nerfed in the early game and his speed increases are much more subtle, he also now has a different movement where he moves across the screen in a sin wave motion... like a wave pattern. makes it a bit more challenging to avoid but the speed has been brought down slightly as well to make it fair.
some of you mentioned about being able to kill the bat and heres why i'm not for it...… the bat was designed to keep the player moving. ealry tests showed that players could stay in one area and fight off most things with ease, so the bat was introduced to make sure the player didn't stay in one spot. he's the "anti camping" device.
That said, I will try it out for myself and Jason (our tester) and we'll see if it is worth putting in.. i'm also open to suggestions on other ways I can approach this.
The Bats speed will ramp up more gently now to ease you into the later difficulty.
The bat had a bug where it could spawn outside of the game area if the player jumped at the top of the screen. this has now been fixed. the bat can't spawn off screen now. 

Currrently the keys appear in the middle of the level... this made them quite easy to grab, or you could pick them up accidentily by just being in the right spot. so NOW the hit box to collect it is much smaller and in order to collect it you have to climb up to the top platforms and jump to the middle to get it. it works a lot better now and feels more fun to get to.
A lot of people mentioned the Key HUD once on screen is in the way, it slightly blocks the lower platform, it doesn't affect your movement but it does HIDE zombies that spawn behind it, resulting in some unfair deaths. so I've moved it down so it sits flush with the bottom platform now.


Currently Pipkin gets 3 lives...… yeah the character is called Pipkin :) in case anyone was wondering. We had a good suggestion to be able to earn a new life once a score threshold has been met. i'm happy to say this will be in the new build, and i'm going to initially set the extra life earnt at 30,000 pts. pending testing.

OK here's the exciting bit. Pipkin can now get a power up! this item is an instant kill pick up. it begins to spawn on the map once the zombies health reaches 4 hit points.
when Pipkin picks up the power up, she gets 10 seconds where she can 1 shot zombies again, racking up kills faster, and can get you out of some tight spots.  its still in testing phase and currently has no artwork associated with it so there's a while to go yet before that's polished up.


The candies need a bit more work, so the candies will have a spawning animation to make their appearance more pleasing. also when you collect them they will display their point values the same way the zombies do.

There will be a "PUSH START TO CONTINUE" message on the game over screen.

Some new title Screen art is being worked on to replace the current one, its nice, but it was a very quick drawing that is a little messy, same with the game over screen, I want to make this look more appealing with some nice animation and a better game over logo. again these are place holders and will be updated, can't guarantee them for this next update, but its on the road map to get done. 

you can get the current build here,  and if you'd like to contribute with any suggestions you may have then please come join us and help us shape this arcade classic. 

unfortunately not,  we're from Birmingham, but thanks for the invite! :) :D

Pictured left to right ( Jason Weyham - Tester // Brendan Toy - Art & Programming // Nikita Penny - Marketing)

Hallowed Candy released on Friday and its doing great, lots of people playing, lots of great feedback! just wanted to let you know that the game is being worked on more, and there are some great plans going forward. 

we also had a very successful exhibition at Southampton Games Fest! its been a blast. if you havn't played it yet, please do! i'd love to hear your feedback!

thanks for playing! glad you enjoyed it :) 

true when I did manage to fire one it hit every time :P just kept missing the beep lol its a fantastic fan treat throughout! I guess I just need to get better at it :)

lots of fun! :) thanks for that! only thing i found a bit tricky was getting the target lock for the missles. other than that :) brilliant

Hey everyone! my game is out now and its FREE to download :) hope you can check it out, and i hope you have fun with it :) much love Pipkin
download it here

just wondering if there are any UK devs heading to the south Hampton game fest this weekend! :) 

I like it! admittedly I havn't finished it yet. I plan to revisit it later. only thing I would say is the parts where you have to "inject" or "retrieve the child" the movements were very sensitive and it was really tough to get it to line up right.. I know its supposed to be a little challenging but perhaps the speed of it could drop a tiny bit. that's the only complaint so far :) certainly has a creepy vibe, sounds are good.. when I first found a piece of paper I bloody jumped haha.  good work :)

Hey All,
firstly thanks to those who've followed my page :) really appreciate it.
Secondly,  the games polish phase is going faster than initially expected, so the release date has been brought forward to Friday 5th! 

I can't wait to hear your thoughts and feedback.  and of course I can't wait to see what your best scores are! :) 

Kindest Regards

Brendan Toy - Project Level Studios

Hallowed Candy Page

sounds awesome! gonna give this a try :)