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Language tag (english, spanish, etc.) for non-english game

A topic by Mancebo's Games created 26 days ago Views: 37 Replies: 2
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I think it would be good for everyone to add language tags (english, spanish, portuguese, german, etc.). A considerable percentage of users do not speak English or write English, although they can read.

Many people post games in other languages, many do not post their games here because their non-english game. Many also look for games in their native language, but don't find it because they have many games on

Below is a site that demonstrates the top countries using


We already have language tags. Look in Edit Game->Metadata->Classification. Not so much a way to filter by language yet. And for what it's worth, a lot of people already publish games in languages other than English on Itch.

Thanks, I found the language tag. I hope someday we can search for games by tagging language.