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How do I determine the best price for my project?

A topic by LadyAijou created Jan 20, 2017 Views: 506
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Pricing can be a sticky issue for indie creators, especially those looking to sell a product commercially for the first time. How do you price a project to make it attractive to users? Should you try a free product first? It's a complicated decision, and one that should include extensive research. There are many articles up online that offer sound advice on setting a price for your project.

There are several considerations which you will want to make in setting your price. You will want to look at other products on the market that are similar to yours, and consider how your product compares. Customers will be more likely to purchase from you if they feel it's a fair market value. It can be enticing to want to price a project higher in order to make more revenue, but you want to ensure that your buyers are getting a good value. Offering a free demo (if applicable) is another way to showcase a slice of your project without devaluing the work. In this way, buyers are more inclined to purchase knowing the product is something they really want.

In the realm of pricing, there is no single set answer as to how to do it "right." Doing your homework and setting a fair price for your project will help to ensure that you get the most reach. Remember, you don't want to undervalue your work either!