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Between 15 and 20 dollars/euros for niche experiences, can be just a couple hours long, people dont have time nowadays anyway. Focus on the polish, expand in height not in the widht of the game. Replayabillity, even if it is seemingly giving player choice is good, but not a must. You are the worst to judge the value of your product. It does not matter if a AAA or even AA is in the same pricing range as you are, if you are not direct competitours in the same genre or direction, in that case go lower. The gaming market is huge so thats great, finding your niche and knowing what type of deal speaks to your audience is just learned through experimentation, experience and failing. I would say WarpZone is right, focusing on the right kind of gameplay to show on Youtube is really the way to go! When looking for influencers make sure the legal stuff is out of the way! Maybe you cant get some sites to write about your game too, so at least there is some external presence online, besides your game page! That means finding the right kind of material for your promossions etc. You should not think about pricing that much, just dont make it too cheep, so people have an investment into the game and show that with depth in gameplay they dont need to feel so bad about that investment they just made. Its allways about what we all can get out of something. Two trailers in some form (narrative, announcement, animated film, etc.) and a gameplay trailer or one where you mix the two. Make it tasty, allright! If you can SELL your game, pricing and actuall presentation become secondary and people will get your idea!