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probably unity... but they probably used the pro version, so you dont have the splash screen..

I dont know what the thought behind this is. Feel free to delete this post, I dont feel like calling you out on twitter in public! I cant send you a message on twitter either, I would have prefered that. Have a nice day!

Hey hey frontpage! Good job!

I think the point was just to make something ridiculous... I had to smile when I saw the price, checking the library of games made, the dev knows...

I can see the inspiration and that you decided to take a different route! 

it has the hook from gooftroop! :D NOICE!

Thanks for inspiring me! 

Oh yeah, if you want to make it convenient for others to play your pyhton games under all sorts of OS, please consider checking out its really easy, and people dont have to install pyhton, or anything else, its free, its under GPL License so you can use it in a commercial product, but changes fall under that license! Anyways, just wanted you to know that! I dont own the software, I just think its a cool and easy way to do stuff! Chears!

Come on, downwell has a completely different attack mechanic! Did you plan on making this  a sidescroller or why was the idea of making it falling down the main mode of movement? Did it come up in development or did i just interpret that into the message? Plus, whats the difference between a tourney and the jam?

This looks great and I can immediately see the inspiration from super house of dead ninjas! Awesome, one question though, if I download the python files I can get your game to run on Linux right? What do I need to have installed to be able to build from source, I mean what framework did you use?

Yeah, about that testing, I dont mind if it is not a tested version, I am assuming here that it wont break my laptop, but I am allright with there not being a warranty of a working demo.

Hi there, is there a far off chance of their being a linux executable for the demo possibly?

I would like to check out your game, can you make a Linux executable?

Download for Linux?

Gotcha! Thanks!

So, is it cool if I just try, and submit what I have?


I feel like the addition of Paysafe as another option to pay for stuff is really neat, because paysafe is a trusted service, that you can pay for offline, anonymously without handing out any personal data, at least not directly, which can lead to a lot of problems.

Plus, I think this will mean a surge in new customers, because the age gap will be significantly lowered!

Hadnt it been for paysafe, my Steam collection would have looked pretty meagre, and I would love to use it to buy me some games!

Thanks for the reply, I assume you will sell the game? In that case, I dont have ways to pay online, your demo seems pretty packed actually, but what I am trying to say is, you should sell it!

I feel like this could have easily been an unofficial Pokèmon game. Your trailer looks wonderfull, is there a Linux version?

Thanks Leaf, appreciate it! My goal is to not to circumvent taxes, just wanted to state that already. Just in case we bump into each other again, you can call me he/him! Good on you for respecting everyThem??!? ;)

I allways wanted to sell a game, so I wanted to know if there is any way with the new system on to receive any kind of payment online for an individual. Is the easiest way to set up a moneypool with Paypal? There is unfortuanetely allways the notion that I am lowkey selling something and that means taxes and I do not want to deal with it right now. Sorry.

Upgrading to a business account on Paypal is easy, I just dont know if it is the right thing, because I might run into problems later. Whats your take on Paypal Business Accounts owned by individuals? Is there a way to include my PayPal with with the recent changes? 

So, let me refrase the question, is there a way to learn pricing of videogames? Is there a plattform that allows everybody to sell and buy games they made with a currency that has a simmilliar value product prop, so you can extrapolate to real customers? 

There is allways the option to get a publisher and it gets way attractive the more I think of it. So heres another question, are there publishers who would do that for an amature dev?

Thanks for your help!

Between 15 and 20 dollars/euros for niche experiences, can be just a couple hours long, people dont have time nowadays anyway. Focus on the polish, expand in height not in the widht of the game. Replayabillity, even if it is seemingly giving player choice is good, but not a must. You are the worst to judge the value of your product. It does not matter if a AAA or even AA is in the same pricing range as you are, if you are not direct competitours in the same genre or direction, in that case go lower. The gaming market is huge so thats great, finding your niche and knowing what type of deal speaks to your audience is just learned through experimentation, experience and failing. I would say WarpZone is right, focusing on the right kind of gameplay to show on Youtube is really the way to go! When looking for influencers make sure the legal stuff is out of the way! Maybe you cant get some sites to write about your game too, so at least there is some external presence online, besides your game page! That means finding the right kind of material for your promossions etc. You should not think about pricing that much, just dont make it too cheep, so people have an investment into the game and show that with depth in gameplay they dont need to feel so bad about that investment they just made. Its allways about what we all can get out of something. Two trailers in some form (narrative, announcement, animated film, etc.) and a gameplay trailer or one where you mix the two. Make it tasty, allright! If you can SELL your game, pricing and actuall presentation become secondary and people will get your idea!