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yeah, what if you paid for that? is there a way of adding it to your library later?

thank you! paid or not? because what if you downloaded a free game, shouldnt it show up in your itch library? :) 

also, when you purchase a product you have access to it, period. that only works with an account... maybe allow for a checkmark like, as payment processor only... that might be useful... so people can buy from website without logging in. or making sure people are logged in and creating google auto log in to make it seemless... and yeah... the purchase did not show up... i was kind of exhausted for a couple of days... 

no dissrespect, but why dont downloads show up? or a question if you want to log in so its in your library and you can redownload it... thats the point of a library... actually so you can access your purchases...

maybe... idk... it doesnt show up on any of my payment processors so... i should do some testing with free games...

As the title said, why dont purchases end up in your library?


is this monogame?

yo... check out engine programming theres a more fluid way of doing it... but i dont even know how you made this one... and that rewind is just a bit OOP like we already talked about... so dont worry... its easier than you think if you read up on the theory on why its possible... its a matter of distributed knowledge across a wide array of subject matter, most of which you can ignore... its more of a problem of sifting through the cracks to get through to the answer you need or the person that can explain it to you... its like gods gospel, there might be slight differences but, in all essence, we have the same instructions and we just use them differently... thanks for this miha... impressive to have come close without OOP, what a great experiment.

Very cool! nice effort! I love it!

i have never encountered it, i just delete the number by clicking on it and it says 0.00 and then i can purchase anything for zero dollars...

that is why i keep harping about this issue, there are major companies like devolver putting games on here and probably expect normal financial returns, like with steam, but customers can easily  make a purchase be 0 dollars and get the game for free, where as on steam, they would be obliged to pay, before they can even think about adding it to their library, let alone start the download of it, its mind boggling, the amount of trust that is given here to the end user and the amount of trust that companies have in this user base, i could techincally steal a bunch of games and play them without paying, without having EVER to pay, with the developers willingly doing so, in the expecation that people/customers will pay for every download. well, whos telling me they will? its craziness, is what it is... like this ape game by devolver, major release, much buzz, people can "buy" it for zero dollars, and nobody cares, like yeah, piratebay exists, but why would you go there with existing, what if they drop an update, it will be updated too... like hello? i mean its a good point against actuall piracy if the game is avaiblable like this, no lie, but... you know, who has that type of trust?

but it can always be free, no matter the price that the game maker sets, i can make all purchases of be zero dolars as a customer, isnt that a problem? thats the one that bugs me the most, like, dont you wanna be paid, there are some major releases on this platform and they run the chance of making 0 bucks! i mean, doesnt that concern you? i have rarely encountered games with a minimum price. wow, i finally found the right words, like for real, doesnt it concern you, that people who worked their ass off run into the issue of paypal letting the customer set their price, i know it says so in the wiki, yes, these are all asking prices, yes, you can not stop piracy, people who dont want to pay will never pay, but do we have to make it that obviously easy for them? or am i able to change the price as a developer, like cant i be a dev and a player and thus pay fair prices and be urged to pay a price for owning something that someone has made and desserves a dollar for, or two or more! its not the amount, its what the creator asks for and shall receive. i think they desserve that backing from the platform.

its all voluntary, i could spend zero on a game, every game is released under no profit, the profit is where the taxes apply.

but its voluntary

is it possible to create a "purchase" through butler... or do tax laws apply with "purchases"

good! discord: wardPlaced#2622

no like, lets say you have the payments page, right? it has the price and pay button already built in, it still says this is a fixed donation and if the user pays then they can download content.

I have used Unity before... enough? Have you considdered Monogame, GDevelop, Godot?

u need code?

I have a blog, i can write... i can program too, I will only do writing for pay, programming free.

Hi, i would love to do programming in GDevelop 5!

I have not played around in Godot, but I have participated in disscussion on the engine on facebook where a lot of the developers are and i am generally interested in the intention of a tool and thats why I will watch stuff that does not get a lot of views, I have experience in other engines, but never quite finished something, yes, i have general programming experience like OOP stuff and i understand that stuff, thinking in those structures is more easy to me. If you need someone that forms your ideas, yes i am that type of dude to go on a ramble on some topic and i will provide value where i can, its all very tiresome though, so dont expect me to be as enthusiastic after a couple of months without crunch... im still in university as well, i may be able to help, just a general whats up, reach out through mail:, or discord: wardPlaced#2622 thanks!

I have spacial awareness, engine does not matter? 

Hi, I have reached out through mail!

whats up, i am wardPlaced#2622 

What engine? I am very sad to hear that, I have sent you a friend request on discord wardPlaced#2622 lets have a chat first and maybe hop on a call, i hope we are in the right time zone.

I have tried godot... 

I barely know blender, am I fit for the job?

but, wikipedia had a paywall for donations as well for a while, sure the community rejected it and it has been removed since and better ways have been found, but you know, a paywall, does not constitute making money and paying taxes, donations can comprise such a paywall...

So if you want a "Lead" then you need someone to coach you through all of it, right? Also, whats your location, because meetings, right? I am from Austria, and while furries is not something id generally align myself with, I like the idea of a rev share model when theres something for me in it, duh right? I have been in university for quite a while, does not mean I am heavily skilled at all, for Software Development. Dont have my Bachelors, so theres that. I dont think there are templates for Crusader King like games, you may want to look into Steam Workshop and modding the game, but I am only up for a stand alone title. Here are the engines I would play around with in my freetime, MonoGame, GDevelop. Offcourse I tried Unity in university multiple times already and I am aware of Godot and tried it a couple times, but why not go for the most stripped off version of the game and go from there, because even Godot has its nuances, like Unity, as tools become huge they become unweildy. Please do not considder me for writing, I dont know how to explain this to people xD but if the money is right I wont budge. I have never truly finished a game, I am still learning and yeah. Thats it, basically. Thanks!

Reach out to me here first, do you want to collaborate at the same time? you mentioned that it would be ideal to have it all in place already, but how will i know youd like my work? so... yeah, just reach out and we go from there.

Please do reach out, I think I can help you think things through before getting to production stage in those regards! Thanks a lot!

I like GDevelop!  Reach out!

Whats your thought on having optional paywalls?

Is there an actual paywall when implementing stripe?

Or a paywall that developers can opt in to, or has that never been part of the philosophy of as a website?

I mean, basically, i can get all games for free on the website, and people are okay with that? The site is still making money obviously right and yes, piracy will happen regardless. Im just wondering what the thoughts are on the topic of an actual paywall before being able to download, since that can still be locked behind a donation, like wikipedia tried to do it, but i think people dissagreed completely. 

I dont know how the concept of the site was and maybe there is where the support came in because of the concept at all, but at some point, youd want to ensure folks that they will get their money, right? I know its a trust thing, and man, what a trip to trust people like that, and yeah, it would change the site considderably, because the quality of games that would be put on it, would probably skyrocket, but also a lot of games that might be sub par will open up their hands... 

I mean, has this been adressed or discussed at all internally? I would love to hear about someones perspective on the matter who is working on the site, like at all, maybe I just dont understand there not being an option to hide your game behind a paywall since the site has grown.

Again, I am not someone who wanted to cash in and make sure people paid and thats that, as my uploads can attest to that due to there not being prices on them and no screenshots or marketing at all done to them. 

Just totally curious... Thanks a lot!

probably unity... but they probably used the pro version, so you dont have the splash screen..

I dont know what the thought behind this is. Feel free to delete this post, I dont feel like calling you out on twitter in public! I cant send you a message on twitter either, I would have prefered that. Have a nice day!

Hey hey frontpage! Good job!

I can see the inspiration and that you decided to take a different route!