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Actually LAUNCHING games?

A topic by Maverynthia created Jan 19, 2017 Views: 265 Replies: 4
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So I've gotten a few games and whenever I click on LAUNCH it opens an insaller up and after installing when I click on LAUNCH it just keeps opeining the installer up? How do I actually play the game?


In general we do not support installer programs, since the app's job is to do the installation. You should upload your games' files directly, ideally with butler. It is possible to use InnoSetup / NSIS / MSI installer / InstallShield self-extracting archive installers though.

Here's a guide on getting your game to run in the app

They aren't my games, they are other people's games. Any way to flag them as non-compliant for the itch app as it seems a lot of games I have in my library use installers?


If you use the report link on the bottom of any game page you can report it as "broken" and we can forward the message to the developer. Just be sure to mention it's not compatible with the app.

Thanks :3