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You think "Socialism is great" but are then "Capitalism uber alles!" 

Maybe this game isn't for you. Maybe just move on and not spam up the comments section. I came looking for testimonials/reviews and all I see is you rambling on about something that isn't related to the game.

Tested this out on a Windows Mixed Reality. The motion controls didn't work, but a regular controller did. (I assume it was controller only).

Seemed to work fine for me. ('-' b)

Yeah the Name text seems to be high and the text itself is up on the name box. :3

You can see in the image how the text is just slightly above center. This seems to affect all text box text.

So cute :3

Aaand that's the point. The woman will never get the job. I've seen multiple studies and heard multiple accounts.

Thanks :3

They aren't my games, they are other people's games. Any way to flag them as non-compliant for the itch app as it seems a lot of games I have in my library use installers?

So I've gotten a few games and whenever I click on LAUNCH it opens an insaller up and after installing when I click on LAUNCH it just keeps opeining the installer up? How do I actually play the game?

Pretty sure that's a default in renpy, but doesn't look like there's a dedicated hotkey for it and thus it needs some kind of icon to click.