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Evergrow - a relaxing diorama puzzle game

A topic by Unlibox created Jan 18, 2017 Views: 478 Replies: 8
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Hey all,

Need to take a 5 minute break from developing your game? Sit back, relax and solve puzzles in this cute atmospheric game that is Evergrow - Chapter 1 is now available on Guide the Paper Rabbit to fill all tiles with grass while avoiding obstacles and using special tiles.

If you like it, please vote for us on Steam Greenlight


I really like the graphics style, nice job.

Thanks leafo :) try out the demo...hey that rhymes!

Yes, nice style......

Thanks mrpete! :)

Such a cute little puzzle game!

thanks! :D please support us in our Greenlight campaign

Whoa, congrats on being greenlit!

Evergrow is now out on Steam! Next up, we're working on a mobile version and seeing what we can do about distributing the desktop version on other online platforms.