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Hey Mollyarty! Evergrow is now available on Steam for $5! Here's our store page:

We'd really appreciate it if you give our game an honest review on our Steam Page :)

Thank you!

Hey Jazz! Evergrow is now available on Steam for $5! Here's our store page:

We'd really appreciate it if you give our game an honest review on our Steam Page :)

Thank you!

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It's Tetris meets Puzzle Bobble!

Free the critters from their bubbles by matching their colors. But beware! The bubbles bounce! Can you put order into the chaos and become the best popper there is?

Objective: Move and rotate the bubbles, match 4 of the same color together to pop them. Use special bubbles to help with the bouncing bubble madness, and see how far you can go!

Now available for download on Google Play Store and iOS App Store!

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Hi All!

I'm Derek from Unlibox and I just wanted to share our upcoming mobile game : Critter Pop!
It's Tetris meets Puzzle Bobble!

We're looking for beta testers on iOS and Android and we would be happy to hear your opinions and feedback.
Please comment if anyone is interested in beta access for our game. ^_^

send us an email to ! :)

Thanks Jazz3601! We're releasing the full version on Steam within a few weeks!

Hello Pinkerator! Right now we haven't considered full controller support since the controls are a bit straightforward. :)

Right now this is only chapter 1. There will be 5 chapters in total for the final game :)

Thanks for playing Evergrow Chapter 1! :D We plan on releasing the complete game within the month so stay tuned! :)

thanks nanaki! We'll definitely have more music for the official release! :D

thanks for playing rulerrobin! with regards to the level difficulty, we wanted to sandwich difficult levels in between relatively easy levels :)

thanks! :D please support us in our Greenlight campaign

Thanks for playing and finishing Chapter 1! We're glad you enjoyed it so far. Please support us on Greenlight too! :D

Thanks for playing! :D sorry about the settings issue we've fixed that and we'll be updating the demo version by tomorrow!

Hello Jellyfish! What are the usual distros that cater to games in Linux? Admittedly we're not that experienced in developing for Linux but we'll check it out!

Thanks! We'll see if we can do something on the waiting time :) We've adjusted the size of the levels already though :P

Thanks man! :D Keep in touch for the release of the entire game!

Thanks for trying out our game! :D The settings button is currently disabled it wasn't supposed to be accessible for the demo sorry about that!

Hmm I see. We wanted to have relaxing levels in-between hard ones but I guess a progressive difficulty curve could work too. We'll work something out when we release :D

Thanks ValihrAnt! Yes some levels are a bit hard. We enjoyed your video! :D

Please support us on Steam Greenlight! :D

Haha thanks Mollyarty -- what puzzles did you feel too easy? :D We'll adjust it accordingly based from the feedback

Thanks NZBEASTNODE! Glad you had fun :D

Hey Skylar! Thanks for checking out Evergrow. We have a different background music per chapter but I get your point that it might be too repetitive over 10 levels especially if your stuck in a puzzle. We'll look into adding more once we're greenlit! :) With regards to the difficulty, what about it was a bit off? did it suddenly become too hard?

Thanks mrpete! :)

Thanks leafo :) try out the demo...hey that rhymes!

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Hey all,

Need to take a 5 minute break from developing your game? Sit back, relax and solve puzzles in this cute atmospheric game that is Evergrow - Chapter 1 is now available on Guide the Paper Rabbit to fill all tiles with grass while avoiding obstacles and using special tiles.

If you like it, please vote for us on Steam Greenlight