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Color in GameJam Calendar?

A topic by Code created 12 days ago Views: 106 Replies: 7
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Hi there

I see lots of pretty colors in the GameJam calendar here on itch, but also a lot of greys! And my gamejam is grey ! (oh no).

Is this just random? Or can you change a setting somewhere?

I've been wondering this myself! Hopefully someone will provide an answer :) 

Hmm, seems I have a color now that people joined? 

But they never did :(


If I remember correct, a color is applied if the jam has over a certain number of participants or has been featured by our admin team.

Admin moved this topic to Game Jams

hello, mine is invisible ?


Your jam isn't published. A jam must be published to be eligible to show up on the calendar. Thanks

thank you leafo, i just published it, i am waiting refreshing website to check.