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Like the art style. Kinda got that newgrounds animation vibe!

It is offically March 1st and with it the release of the theme. Nature

Can't wait to see everyone's interpretations of the theme and their games! Happy creating and good luck!

Theme isn't Avail nor has it been released. Check back on March 1st to see the Theme.

I want my bread!

Nice game though!

We're doing it again! Challenge yourself to create a game in PowerPoint during the month of March.

Click the link for more info:

Join the discord:

This is a Quarterly Jam. We host every March, June, September and December.

Yeah, I started creating the menu before the jam but stop working on it till December 10th. That's when my semester ended which allowed me to actually make the game.

What happen to your Asteriod game?

Oh!? That sound super cool. I'd love to play that 😁!

Awesome! If it's not working there are alternative presentation programs you can use like LibreOffice, Google Slides and more!

Those two submissions were already published online and were created way ahead of this game jam. Sadly, I can't accept them as submissions.

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Unfortunately, this a slideshow and not an interactive game. I can't accept your submission.

Here's  a level I was prototyping. 

I can't download anything. :(

You can submit more than one game. The bundle has to be free so others can play.

Is there a way to satisfy the guardian of herbs?

The only way around it is to have the person download PowerPoint viewer 2010 first and open the file in kiosk mode.

This game was created and published way before the PowerPoint Game Jam. I can't accept this submission.

The shape trick won't stop from the keyboard skipping but it stops from skipping with clicking the screen.

If your using Google Slides or PowerPoint Online, then download the file then convert it to PPSX orPPSM online. That might work.

Not sure how it works for other programs, but in the"transition" tab you should be able to remove "Mouse click to advance" for PowerPoint.

In Google slides it's gonna take some extra work. You have to add a shape that covers the background and link it to it's current page. this stops it from moving forward.

Save PowerPoint to PPSX or PPSM to autoplay the game you made.

Set presentation mode to kiosk to stop people from skipping the entire game.

Awesome of you to join! Do your best and create what you want!

I would allow you submit the online link. There isn't away to package Google App script with a pptx file. The only work around is to download it then use either  PowerPoint or LibreOffice to implement some kind of script.

I play tested your game. I love the cutscenes. You need to set the presentation mode to Kiosk so people can't skip through the entire game. Also some place stick, like the elevator scene. and some parts move to fast to read the text.

How did you embed a scratch game here?

Yep! Only using PowerPoint!

Yes, Yes I did. Finally figured out how to make PowerPoint create a game like experience.

This is amazingly good! I love the levels created. 

PowerPoint - Free Trial - Require Microsoft account.

PowerPoint Online- Free - Require Microsoft account

PowerPoint App - Free - Google Store

LibreOffice - Free

Google Slides - Free- Require Google account

I like it! Has a pretty solid concept. I missed two of the endings though. Just needs to be polished and tested and it would turn into a pretty fun game!

There are other Presentation Tools out there like PowerPoint that can make a ppt. file.

(I also remember that video! I was really surprising and funny!)

Like an escape the room type of game maybe.

Oh! A game engine I've never heard of! Neat.

Thanks! Might Have to scale down the story to get it out, but it should be done this December.