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Cosmopoiesis | World-making

A topic by Misha C created Jan 04, 2017 Views: 254 Replies: 4
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Cosmopoiesis is a short, experimental game concerned with the architectural design process, and uses architectural hand-drawings and GameMaker: Studio to speculate on new means of digital spatial representation and design in both architecture and video-games.


Because of the space at the end of your username, your creator profile and all games simply don't load. But that sounds especially interesting.

Admin (1 edit)

Hello, I temporarily changed your URL to mischa2 (but your username is unchanged). Browsers don't like having special characters at the end or start of a subdomain, so I recommend updating your username from the account settings page to something that doesn't have a trailing character. Thanks

Your project has a really cool art style BTW, great job.

Hey guys, thanks heaps for pointing that out and leafo for changing it :D

Didn't realise something like that would cause such problems.

Thanks for the compliments! My first time making something like this so would love any feedback :)


Unfortunately it's a bit much for me to play, but I just sent a link to someone who will be very interested.