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Palm Trees

A topic by mattsparks777 created Jan 04, 2017 Views: 8,588 Replies: 11
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I am confused about the palm tree. I planted the seed and it grew to max size but i do not know how to use it or what i can harvest from it. However...Really dig the game. Love the fact that the plants have constant animation through the life cycle.


Hi mattsparks777, you can chop it down with an axe to get wood, thatch and coconuts. Good luck rafting! :)

So what are the coconuts for and how do we use them? That's about the only thing I haven't figured out yet.

You can eat the coconuts and they'll restore like a bunch of thirst and a little hunger, just put them on your hotbar and left click. I'm not sure if they have more uses though.


They produce seeds after eating them that you can replant to grow more trees.

I have made an axe but i have clicked on what I want to break but nothing happens. How do you break things?


You have to hold the button down.

OHHH, I have died so many times before hearing that thankyou :)

I think it wasn't something most of us considered because we're used to games like Minecraft

How do i plant seeds in raft

to get food

you can plant two different things to get food. first palms and second potatos

1. Palms : to plant it you need ; Palm Seeds(get it from barrels) and a Tree Cropplot(8 Wood, 4 Ropes). Just place the Tree Croplot and press interact button("e") with the Palm Seed in your Hand to plant. Wait for the tree to grow and chop it with an Axe(4 Wood, 5 Iron, 1Rope). After chopping you get Coconuts(4<) which you can eat, each coconut will give you 1 Palm Seed after eating.

2. Potatos : for this you need a Cropplot(4 Wood, 2 Ropes) and a potato(from barrel). Place the Cropplot on the floor and press the interact key("e") to plant the potato. When finished growing each planted potato will give you 2 potatos back. You can cook them on a cooking station.