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Replied to Zoltar67 in Palm Trees

I think it wasn't something most of us considered because we're used to games like Minecraft

Replied to Zoltar67 in Palm Trees

You have to hold the button down.

Posted in virus

Iv'e got chrome and it never once said it was a virus. You might want to run your antivirus program to make sure you're clean.

Also, are you sure it is saying it IS a virus or is it just giving you the generic warning about "Be sure you know what you're downloading because programs can contain virusus."

Replied to racv in Bug reports

OOoooo... Ooooo! I didn't notice this but I'll have to test it out. Quite a few of us have been reporting items stuck along the spawn point. Some others are reporting invisible items in the nets. I wonder if these are related now. Perhaps items getting caught in the nets are having their visuals spring back to the spawnpoint but the reason why they can't be picked up is because they are actually in the nets! I remember after building my bridge out to the stuck items that I came back to my raft and next time I looked all the stuck stuff was gone. Maybe that's because I had emptied my nets! Must go test this out!

you won't delete your saves as those are kept somewhere else.

Just wish we could sit in the chairs (maybe have food and water decrease slower?) and put things on the table (smaller lamp, chests).

But yea. Loaded up a new game with this version and it was a HUGE WOW factor. Love the direction the game is going!

Replied to bulshot in Bug reports

The only time I get the 'fatigue'/swimming thing is when I'm walking over an item net. Are you getting this over normal foundation?

Replied to killersharp in Bug reports

version 1.05

I just came here to report this same thing. I've got screenshots:


Built foundation out to them and a few items i was able to reel in a few. Went back to my main raft, turned around and most had depawned but a second later a new group of stuff spawned and immediately got stuck.

Not ALL are getting stuck. Most is still going through normal.