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Ronald Rays

A member registered Jan 07, 2017

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Raft community · Posted in Island?

Why need Islands, i mean you build your very own Island

As PixelatedGamer said there is no multiplayer planned yet. If were happy there will be one in the futur, BUT if you want there to be a multiplayer you dont need to make a post with maximum lettersize and capslock which says : "PLS MULTIPLAYER" or sth like this ;D

Sounds like a good idea, but befor doing anything like this you should be sure devteam agrees with it

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these are my sugestions for Raft. Those are just my thoughts, i havent looked other posts to look for Ideas. So some Suggestions might alreay be listet in another post. Some of the following Sugestions might make no sense without knowing all the others, so i recommend read them all.

1.SAND : Adding Sand or something like this to be able to create glass, which can be cooked in the oven(3.) to make Glasswindowwalls. Glas can be "fished" with waterlift(8)

2.WALLDOORS : there are Wallwindows so why shouldnt there be Walldoor ?.

3.OVEN : An oven, which is an advanced Cooking Staion, to cook fish and potatos faster and to smelt sand(1.)

4.BUILDING UPGRADES.: Just something you craft from Scratch and place it on a floor/wall etc. To upgrade it and give it more HP, but when you wanne repair it you will need Scrap instead of only Wood.

5.MORE PLANTS : More kind of plants, for example appletrees which drop apples instead of Coconuts, and Carrots similar to potato.

6.FURNITURE : different things you can build and that even work as things like Cooking Station or Beds to be able to respawn.(no, thats not stolen from Minecraft)

7.EQUIPMENT : Wear of Tools so its not that easy to kep base protected and build, multiple Weapons and versions of Weapons like a Metalspears(less wear than Spear) and MetalHook etc.

8."WATERLIFT" : (no clue which name giv it). A Wooden "Machine" which can be placed like the Item Net. It goes down to the ground of the ocean and brings Sand and other Stuff (1)

9.PLANTGROWING : Make potato grow a little bit longer, cause after getting one potato its so easy to survive, and something like a fillable Waterbucket and sth. like a Waterindicator to see when you have to refill Water(for example dark and light dirt).

10.MULTIPLAYER : ofcourse a Multiplayer is not easy to make for a smaal group of developers but in later versions and more updates pretty much any raft player will be happy about mutliplayer.

11. DAY AND NIGHT : A day and night system to make the game more pretty.

I hope some of these Ideas dont sound retarded :D


BTW nice game ;D keep on doing like this

hmm, Dev's could help you, which operation system u got

Next time post it in : Bug Reports (sticky post) ;D

I found a crazy "Fast running" Bug.

If you walk and hold the running key to run you will walk faster, BUT if you hold walk(w), sprint("shift") and [2 options :]...

[1]...and hold the button to move right(d) and move you mouse a bit to the left and adjust you movingway ...

[2]...and hold the button to move left(a) and move you mouse a bit to the right and adjust you movingway ...

... you will move even faster than running

Use the Axe, its still a litte bit tricky and you will propably sometimes destroy the wrong thing.

you can plant two different things to get food. first palms and second potatos

1. Palms : to plant it you need ; Palm Seeds(get it from barrels) and a Tree Cropplot(8 Wood, 4 Ropes). Just place the Tree Croplot and press interact button("e") with the Palm Seed in your Hand to plant. Wait for the tree to grow and chop it with an Axe(4 Wood, 5 Iron, 1Rope). After chopping you get Coconuts(4<) which you can eat, each coconut will give you 1 Palm Seed after eating.

2. Potatos : for this you need a Cropplot(4 Wood, 2 Ropes) and a potato(from barrel). Place the Cropplot on the floor and press the interact key("e") to plant the potato. When finished growing each planted potato will give you 2 potatos back. You can cook them on a cooking station.

propably pretty far

propably a Dev can help you, which operation system u got ?

:D luckily I never had that porblem

1. open raft.exe (currently V1.04_Raft_Win64/32.exe)

2. choose your resolution, quality, your monitor and your controls.

[avaible resolutions]

Its a little bit buggy when the sharks destroys the foundation.

To fix this you can build another foundation next to the hole and it should work again :D (if no space around destroy one of the nearby foundations)