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How to change resolution

A topic by Nikolay19990 created Jan 06, 2017 Views: 4,340 Replies: 13
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Hello there a way somehow to make my game to go on resolution 800X600 or 1024X768 because my video card is weak (Radeon HD 5450) and I have lag


When you click the game, there should be a window where you can adjust your resolution.

1. open raft.exe (currently V1.04_Raft_Win64/32.exe)

2. choose your resolution, quality, your monitor and your controls.

[avaible resolutions]

That's exactly what I tried but there is no 800x600 or 1024x768 resolution available,I have: 320x240 (I think),640x400 (works good but looks real ugly and most text is unreadable) and then I have 1280x720 and from here onwards it just lags...

hmm, Dev's could help you, which operation system u got

I have a Windows 7 Professional 32-bit

CPU: Intel Pentium G860 3.00GHz

GPU: Intel HD Graphics

RAM: 4GB (3,20GB usable)

And only one monitor (as the game seems to ask on which monitor you want to play)

None of these things does not work

There is currently (as of 1/9/17) one way to get good fps. Its by selecting 320x300 in full screen mode. I guarantee you it will make your game run faster, but you still wont see the words and numbers clearly. you might be able to make it out a little bit, but that's the only way.

Well as I said it is playable on 640x400 (fullscreen) so there's no reason to choose lower resolutions but maybe if I select 640x400 and a better graphics quality setting?

I found a temporary solution,you can resize the game's window with this program:

The resolution seems to be kept even when switching to fullscreen...

How to use this program?

I have a problem...

I only have two resolutions which are WAY TOO HIGH for both my old monitor and for my liking which is 1280 x 720 and 1600 x 900.

Is there any way I can reduce the resolution lower than that?

I can't play in 1280 x 720 let alone touching 1600 x 900...

Open The Program

There Should Be A Configuration

Now Find "Screen Resolution"

Click On Witch One

I Will Use 1366 x 768 For Example (Chromebook = Seabios)

Now Click On Ok

Then After That Your Finished

I Hope This Helped