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How do you upload a folder

A topic by Infinity xos created Jan 03, 2017 Views: 966 Replies: 7
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I am having an issue, my game requires a folder. I am unsure how to upload it!



We recommend uploading a .zip file containing everything in the folder.

Alternatively, our command line uploader lets you upload a directory and it will package a zip file for you:

Thank you for your help, I feel dumb now! :)

i say you will listen to leafo or use a .rar file and put them in


No no, no RAR files please. :) It's a proprietary format that can't support, and it's a fuss for the rest of us, too.

Back when I was using plain old java for android I just had to upload the APK... I didn't even know what zip or rar were.. :/


You realize an .apk is a ZIP archive with a different extension, right? Or a JAR if you want to be specific.

all I know is I had an apk builder :)