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A topic by MagicCookie created Dec 30, 2016 Views: 333 Replies: 14
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How about an upgrade where you can hack other robots to fight for you? two upgrade trees; More bots, higher level bots and you can only have so many of both; so you may max out numbers but you can't upgrade any in levels, so every upgrade takes away one (starting from the top) on the other tree so that it stays even (or not and you can upgrade both but that would be a little OP) and maybe you only have them for a certain period of time (bit I think having them on your side until the end but you have to destroy them at the end and if you hit them without killing them they become enemies again.) obviously you can take and add, these are just some ways to take it.

(I had originally posted this a month or so ago but accidentally put it under another game idea instead of making my own thread... I don't know how that happened)


taking control of other robots? Hmmm.. Sounds awesome. There HAS to be drawbacks, like maybe it self-destructs after certain amount of time?

that's what I was thinking, they would fight for you for say 30 seconds or a minute and then self destruct (possibly creating an explosion that would damage/kill nearby enemies)



I was thinking more of just they fight under their own AI but that would be AWESOME


haha, that sounds fun! Shame the current Spider-trons are terrible at walking without falling over. :)

yeah, I don't know if their ai has been improved since when this happened, but I was on a diamond level when endless mode first came out (0.2.0) and it was the level where there are 2 elevated platforms with spidertrons on top of them, and two spidertron-6000's just got tangled and fell of the side. they acted almost as dumb as humans =P

spidertron 7000-make it happen :)


Taking control of other robots could be fun. I might look at it if I add other things about having allies in a future update.

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multiplayer :D

I realize now that the aiming time upgrade wouldn't work very well in multiplayer... so if you eventually add it, you would have to either remove the upgrade or not make it available in multiplayer :(

or just not add multiplayer xD

I also have an idea for a bow upgrade: exploding arrow

hit a hotkey-this arrow uses 4 energy bars-and fire straight up.a rain of arrows comes down in a certain radius of you.

p.s. plz

p.p.s. purdy plz

p.p.p.s. this is a random thought

Maybe the bow fires Spidertron 'nades!

arrows with 'nades as heads!

Or arrows with Sheepatrons as heads! Wait, that's just cruel... or not, because they're automatons...

if it destroys humans, then it isn't, by definition, cruel

Yeah, you're right, so, Tsar Bomba tipped arrows it is?