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[VN][Programmer] Fresh dev looking for a project

A topic by Chiligoat created Aug 16, 2019 Views: 502 Replies: 16
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Hey! I'm Vincent, and I'm in the last stretch of finishing up a VN project - my first - and I'm really happy with how much it's taught me how to do a whole bunch of cool stuff in with Ren'py's version of Python: from the very basics to some smooth animation.

I'm unemployed, so I do have a lot of time on my hands: we work on the current project three days a week and I'd love to fill out both Tuesday and Thursday with something meaningful, as well as have a game plan for when the current project wraps so I don't wring my poor creative friend dry of ideas.

If you're an artist, writer, or just some friends throwing ideas around, or even a team that needs another hand at the programming wheel, I'm your guy! I love direct access communication and instruction and can be found on gchat, twitter, discord or even skype if you need it; mic and camera optional. Bonus points if your project is LGBTQIA-centric!

Hope to hear from you,
Vincent / Chiligoat @ Twitter

UPDATE: Thanks everyone for inquiries here and elsewhere! I haven't found a project yet, but multiple questions about platform: I'm working with Ren'py , that is baby Python. I can't help you in Unity or elsewhere unless you're looking for a total beginner. 

can I get your discord?



Do you think you can help with a project for a discord gamejam when you get a chance?

That depends on what platform you're using to make your game, and the type of game you're going for! DM me here, or on Discord (Chiligoat#4983) if that's easier for you, since you're talking about a discord gamejam

Okay just added you my bad for the late response. Just check jams its for the Discord rpg jam we got 5 days I had made a channel for it but messed up pretty bad because I suck at programming. I'm good at voice acting, making 2d maps and 3d rigs that's about it. I'm taking some courses for pixel animation.  For the rpg theme it's like almost an Escape the dungeon type of game where the character has either 2 options up or down. I just want discord bots to do things simple things it's not to much for you i know it'll be easy but for me oh gosh. Hit me up when your up to it.

oh hi there :>! Do you know how to use unity? C#? 


Hello! Unfortunately I am an absolute Unity beginner; I can only do some very basic things in C# so far. WASD chasing a ball around to kick, click to move/interact..
But if you're not on a deadline; in the rudimentary development stage; your team has a mentor programme, or/and you're simply willing to work with a still-learning basics novice or similar - I'm available!

Oh I see! I was just curious tho :) I’m planing to make a little game jam in the future :D so I just wanted to ask since now a days people are using more Unity / Unreal! I’m currently on a Game Design major course! If you need any help around Unity just ask :D (sometimes I get lost there but I’ll do my best to help xD!). 

(Btw I am sorry if I had any mistakes writing the reply :’) English isn’t my main language).


That's very kind, thank you!

Hey, I’d love to help out with whatever I can or as you said just throw around some ideas. I’m a writer and who knows maybe I could keep your creative friend’s well of ideas from running dry. I have an idea or two for a visual novel that  might be fun to get off the ground. A high school, sci-fi horror type thing. Let me know if you want to talk more on discord or something and I can shoot you some more details or chat about other projects. 

My discord is Chiligoat#4983, feel free to DM me with your project ideas!

Sent you a friend request on Discord, thanks! 

Hello there!
I am looking for a developer for our project. We are using the Defold engine for development and are still in the early stages.
Would you be interested in joining?

I'm comic artist and new for Vn . I've just try Renpy for 2-3  days . 

   //Sent you a friend request on Discord already

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Hello, Motorzilla. I am one of the Chief Officers for our new company, TBMgames. We would be happy to include you in our team of highly specialised developers however we need to see what you specialise in. Currently, we are looking for someone who can import maps and characters into a Unreal Engine FPS game. 

Thank You,


Our site:

Email us at:

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