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oh hi there :>! Do you know how to use unity? C#? 


Hello! Unfortunately I am an absolute Unity beginner; I can only do some very basic things in C# so far. WASD chasing a ball around to kick, click to move/interact..
But if you're not on a deadline; in the rudimentary development stage; your team has a mentor programme, or/and you're simply willing to work with a still-learning basics novice or similar - I'm available!

Oh I see! I was just curious tho :) I’m planing to make a little game jam in the future :D so I just wanted to ask since now a days people are using more Unity / Unreal! I’m currently on a Game Design major course! If you need any help around Unity just ask :D (sometimes I get lost there but I’ll do my best to help xD!). 

(Btw I am sorry if I had any mistakes writing the reply :’) English isn’t my main language).


That's very kind, thank you!