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How to find/accept collaboration offers on a project still in 'drafting'

A topic by 8Bit Shadow created Dec 25, 2016 Views: 232 Replies: 2
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Is it possible at all to accept a collaboration offer for a project that is still in 'drafting'?

My friend and I have been working on a project and we've decided to post it onto here, but I can't find the collaboration offer my friend sent me. So does the project have to be out of the drafting phase before collab offers can be sent for the project?

Thanks in advance and merry Christmas!


Hello, moving this to the questions board.

After adding another user as an admin, a dialog pops up with a URL that should be shared with the other account to accept the admin position:

Did you do that already?


Thanks, my friend didn't know about having to send me the link. (where both pretty new to