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How do I give Steam keys to Kickstarter backers?

A topic by leafo created Dec 23, 2016 Views: 4,372 Replies: 5
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You can use's Kickstarter import tool to import all of your backers directly from Kickstarter. It's completely free! Instead of copying backer information around you can upload the CSV file generated directly by Kickstarter. Each backer you import will get their own download URL on to access any files or keys you provide.

When doing the import ensure that "Unlock external keys" so any additional keys you've added, like Steam keys, will be available to the backers.

Next, you'll need to upload your Steam keys. From your game's dashboard head to the Distribute tab and select External keys on the sidebar. Provide any keys you have from this screen. In addition to anyone who buys your game on, the backers you've imported will now have access to the keys as well.

All that's left is to notify the backers that the keys have arrived, and that they can access them from your download URL. Head to the Interact tab on your game's edit page, and create a new email. You can select the backer groups you generated as the recipient of the email. Ensure to select Include download link at bottom of email so that each email includes the unique download URL that will grant the backers access to the game.

If you have any questions or issues post below.

See my post in the questions thread. I can't seem to import csv files, even directly copy-pasting the text in the tutorial leads to the file being unable to be parsed.

For anyone who ends up reading this, I tracked down the problem. The custom CSV format listed in the tutorial is not actually handled by the web page at the moment. Instead, you have to give it the following format:

Pledge AmountEmailPledge Status

We've since fixed the issue with the CSV parsing so it should work correctly with the example provided in the documentation. Thanks for the report

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One more question: suppose backers have already been assigned individual keys (I did this manually years ago) -- can they still access them through this site, or will they get randomly assigned a new key (that someone else might have already activated?)


Manually created keys do not affect the keys created for backers, so if you put in an email address of someone you already gave a key to, a new key would be generated.

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