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One more question: suppose backers have already been assigned individual keys (I did this manually years ago) -- can they still access them through this site, or will they get randomly assigned a new key (that someone else might have already activated?)

For anyone who ends up reading this, I tracked down the problem. The custom CSV format listed in the tutorial is not actually handled by the web page at the moment. Instead, you have to give it the following format:

Pledge AmountEmailPledge Status

I love this mechanic! So fun!

Thanks, I have emailed you.

See my post in the questions thread. I can't seem to import csv files, even directly copy-pasting the text in the tutorial leads to the file being unable to be parsed.

Hello, I am trying to import kickstarter backers using the CSV format. I have tried a file generated by the kickstarter backer report, and custom CSV files closely following the format you provided (even copy pasting the example text), but I always get the error message "Failed to parse backers, is the file the correct format?"

What do I do about that?